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“Rebranding Liberty As Evil” As Globalists Prepare to Blame Populists for Everything

This article was written by Brandon Smith of and first published at Editor’s Comment: Taking Brandon’s point into account, what is happening now appears to be a mass hoax in that crowds from the “liberty” movement, the “truth” movement, the “conservative” movement, the “populist” movement and several other labels are being goaded into […]

Head-Fake: The “Fake News” Attack Will Fuel, Not Stifle Alt Media… But There’s a Catch

This article was written by Brandon Smith and first published at Editor’s Comment: Reverse psychology at its finest. The clumsy “fake news” meme is being used to target the alternative media… but if Brandon Smith is right, covertly, it will really build up the “victim” outsiders and allow them new media powers, and “mainstream” […]

“It Is Already Written. They Will Not Win”: Why the Quest For Total Control Is Destined to Fail

This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website. Editor’s Note: There is every sense that things are accelerating rapidly towards a sad state of total control, where virtually every form of freedom is regulated, taxed and surveilled. But the truth is that this power is illusory, and “they” will […]

Criminalizing Dissent-Homeland Battlefield Bill (w Commentary on Chris Hedges Quote)

The major 2012 election issue that will be avoided in total by both Republican, Democrat, and “consumer” alike.. “The charade of junk politics is there not to offer a choice but to divert the crowd while our corporate masters move relentlessly forward, unimpeded by either party, to turn all dissent into a crime..” Hedges Christopher […]

Tel Aviv protest video: Thousands rally for social justice

Students, activists and the movement for equality in military service laws joined together for a march on Saturday night. More than 5,000 people gathered to protest austerity measures and tax hikes recently approved by the government. The rally drew fewer people than expected – READ MORE: RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like […]

Thousands of Israelis turn up for anti-govt demo

“The time has come for an all out war,” say Israeli students, social activists and the country’s movement for equality in military service laws. The groups are joining forces for a major anti-govt protest in Tel Aviv on Saturday night – READ MORE RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook […]

"The Ron Paul Truth Movement" w note on Gonzo "politico-stalker? err journalist-nots"

Wait a minute, I just made up “The Ron Paul Truth Movement!” If we say, “Paul has no free will in this matter, he must have been intimidated,” that will stick for sure! How much you want to bet you hear this soon! Oh I forgot, Paul is a Republican and Mitt may be a […]

Dangerous Liaisons: Assange guests targeted in FBI sting

Will Julian Assange’s show make the Guinness Book of Records? Quite likely, especially if you think of all the people interrogated over their ties with the whistleblower before or after they talked to the WikiLeaks founder. ­”The FBI is apparently collecting evidence to indict Julian Assange before a grand jury. Sweden must not be the […]

How The U.S. Dollar Will Be Replaced / By Brandon Smith / May 17, 2012 After being immersed in the world of alternative economic analysis for several years, it sometimes becomes easy to forget that most people do not track forex markets, or debt to GDP ratio, or true unemployment, or hunch over IMF white-papers highlighting subsections which expose the trappings […]

Anonymous in Paris: Anti-ACTA protest video

Supporters of the Anonymous hacker group, which is calling to halt moves by governments to tighten control over the internet, gathered near the Pompidou Center in Paris on Saturday. The group says it is trying to attract ordinary citizens’ attention t…