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Watch: Muslim Passenger Erupts in Profane Tirade at Flight Attendant Over Turkey Sandwich

A Muslim passenger on a Wizz Air flight from Luton, England, to Skopje, Macedonia, had a tantrum when the sandwich he ordered wasn’t quite what he was expected. The passenger launched into a tirade, calling a flight attendant a “stupid f***ing b***h” after incorrectly accusing her of serving him pork. The man was given a “turkey […]

Shocking Graphic Report: Swedish Girl Gang-Raped And Tortured, MSM Remains SILENT

A disturbing tweet about this event, which is hardly even back page news, is almost all there is for media coverage. A 17-year-old girl in Sweden has reportedly  been gang-raped and brutally tortured in the city of Malmo. The Swedish online newspaper, Sydsvenskan, reported that this horrific act of brutality occurred at a park. “We urge […]

The West Submits To Blasphemy Laws

Via Judith Bergmann of The Gatestone Institute, "Now that Islamophobia has been condemned, this is not the end, but rather the beginning…" — Muslim Brotherhood affiliate Samer Majzoub, Canadian Muslim Forum. The motion still does not offer any definition or any statistics to support its claim that "Islamophobia" is a problem in Canada. However, it […]

Islam Will Surpass Christianity To Become The World’s Largest Religion, New Report Says

Via Michael Snyder of The End of The American Dream blog, If current trends continue, Islam is on track to become the largest religion in the entire world by the end of this century according a stunning new report that was just released by the Pew Research Center. While it is true that Christianity is […]

The Islamization Of Germany In 2016: “We Are No Longer Safe” / by Soren Kern via The Gatestone Institute / Jan 2, 2017 2:45 PM Mass migration from the Muslim world is fast-tracking the Islamization of Germany, as evidenced by the proliferation of no-go zones, Sharia courts, polygamy and child marriages. Mass migration has also been responsible for a host of social disruptions, including jihadist attacks, a migrant […]

European Union Orders British Press Not To Report when Terrorists Are Muslims / by Yves Manou via The Gatestone Institute / Nov 18, 2016 9:05 PM This is the moment where hate speech laws become a greater threat to democracy and freedom of speech than hate speech itself. In France, Muslim terrorists are never Muslim terrorists, but “lunatics,” “maniacs” and “youths”. To attack freedom of the press and freedom […]

DEA Official Spills the Beans on the Clinton Foundation

Rules for thee, but not for me. / By Dave Hodges / October 30th, 2016 Without much comment or fanfare, I am going to present a note sent to me by a DEA informant who I had a great amount of contact with over two years ago. My long-time readers may recall that during the Central American immigration […]

Apprehended: another Muslim shooter guns down Americans in a “non-terrorist” act of slaughter / September 25, 2016 September 2016 – WASHINGTON – The man suspected of killing five people in a deadly shooting rampage at a mall in Burlington, Wash., was busted after an intense 24-hour manhunt that garnered a flurry of tips, according to state police. Arcan Cetin, 20, was captured less than 30 miles from Cascade […]

The Right To Dissent / by Robbie Travers via The Gatestone Institute / Aug 18, 2016 9:08 AM The irony is that these censors and would-be censors, such as the European Commission, the Dutch and Austrian courts, Facebook, Twitter are using their freedom of expression to suggest that someone else be robbed of his freedom of expression. Recently, the […]

With Terror and Rape Spreading, “Self-Defense Weapons Permits Hit Record Highs” in Germany

Where firearms and guns have been taken away, people are desperate to turn to whatever means of self-defense they can find. And in the wake of a total crisis from aggressive migrants and lone wolf terrorists, the people of Germany are lining up in droves for permits to carry non-lethal guns that fire flares, shoot […]