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SHTFplan: Spotted On NASA’s Live Feed: “A Craft With Doorway And A Being Inside!”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. An odd structure was spotted on NASA’s Live International Space Station feed.  A video shows what appears to be a doorway with what could be some kind of alien being inside. The video was uploaded by popular alien conspiracy YouTube channel ‘MrMBB333’ has uploaded an unbelievable video […]

The Las Vegas Security Guard Credited With Finding Shooter, Mysteriously Vanished Into Thin Air

By now, we have all heard of Jesus Campos. He’s the heroic security guard that allegedly located the Las Vegas shooter, Steven Paddock.  But the narrative surrounding him has changed wildly since the authorities mentioned him, and now, he’s mysteriously vanished into thin air. Of course, this leads many to believe that Campos didn’t even exist, […]

“7 Bodies Since Election Day”: Why Are So Many Russian Officials Turning Up Dead?

This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Free Thought Project. Editor’s Comment: Ex-CIA interim head Mike Morrell went on PBS last year to announce that ‘he wanted’ to take out Putin’s guys, those who most closely surround him. He also wanted to get to Assad in Syria, and the officials […]

The Big Thaw On Earth’s Hidden Mysteries? “Antarctica Ready To Give Up Secrets”

This article was written by and originally published at Editor’s Comment: There are a lot of wild, fantastical claims about what really goes on under the ice in Antarctica. But there is also a lot of documented strangeness concerning Nazi UFOs, U.S. admirals and a post-war fight for dominance of the South Pole. Is […]

Mysterious “Thunderstorm Asthma” Now Strikes Kuwait – Hospitalizing Nearly A Thousand

The mystery deepens. A week or so ago, conspiracy theorists were scratching their heads as to why more than 8500 people in Australia would suddenly have to a hospitalized in a concentrated wave allergies that left several people dead. Now, a similar event has been reported in Kuwait, where reports claim that thunderstorm activity has […]

“Mysterious Hallucinations Spread by Touch” Forcing Hospital To Quarantine Police, Patients

First thought that comes into your mind? Maybe MK Ultra? Maybe new experimental drugs? Maybe a secret government test on the general population? Your guess is as good as mine, but this story is downright weird. Something is causing first responders and some of the people they interact with to become disoriented and hallucinate – […]

Six People Died in a Fiery NY Train Crash Packed with 400 People… 3 Were Top Investment Bankers

The story of the dead bankers rolls forward. In December 2014, Zero Hedge rounded up a list of 36 dead bankers who died recently under mysterious or odd circumstances, leaving only “riddles” and probing questions about their possible connections. Researcher John Vibes has already rounded up 9 more dead bankers who’ve died as of January […]

The Shemitah: The Biblical Pattern Which Indicates That A Financial Collapse May Be Coming In 2015

via the economic collapse blog Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Does a mystery that is 3,500 years old hold the key to what is going to happen to global financial markets in 2015?  Could it be possible that the timing of major financial crashes is […]

The Mystery of Monetary Gold

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. /Julian D.W. Phillips / June 6, 2012 The main fundamental drivers of the gold price are central bank buying by the emerging nations together with Chinese and Indian retail demand. The motives behind this buying are very different from […]

RussiaToday: Alien or Jellyfreak? Deep-sea monster vid whips up storm


A fascinating sea creature captured in footage of unknown origin has evoked wild debate on the web. The post popular assumption so far is that the animal is a unique deep-sea jellyfish.

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