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The Fukushima Business Decision (Don Harold and I Talk)

Envisioning the Total costing of Fukushima allows you to understand the issues with clarity. Presently, and as usual, people are being manipulated by the details. We each have to conduct our own analysis and build a decision making process for uncertainty. We have to admit that facts and impact cannot (or by design) be presented […]

Action on the Fukushima Logic Problem

Blindly delegating responsibility to uncaring, and irresponsibly negligent, government authority has become a pervasive social meme of US, European, and Asian culture. Our interests would be better served by taking personal responsibility. This holds especially so for citizens of Japan who need to ask themselves several questions based on logic;

Has Fukushima become manageable or has the news been managed? Will the meltdown adversely effect myself and my family?
If you are in Japan you can take personal action or you can ceed your personal responsibility to a government decision maker it is your choice. My suggestion is to take responsibility for yourself and your family.
These are not scientific questions for there are no certainties in the unknown, unseen, the over complex, and within the intentionally anemic snippets of opinion that come our way via a corporate media.

NYT TOKYO — In an unusually stark warning, Japan’s (former-resigned) prime minister (Naoto Kan) last year’s (propaganda via past tense, finished, over) nuclear crisis told a parliamentary inquiry on Monday (today) that the country should discard nuclear power as too dangerous, saying the Fukushima accident had pushed Japan to the brink of "national collapse."

Mr. Kan replied that the accident had brought Japan to the brink of evacuating metropolitan Tokyo and its 30 million residents, and that the loss of the capital would have paralyzed the national government, leading to "a collapse of the nation’s ability to function."