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New FOIA Documents Reveal FBI Scramble To Preserve CFIUS Records In Uranium One Scandal

Content originally published at An internet researcher has uncovered what appears to be proof that the FBI was investigating the Uranium One deal back in 2015 – months after the Peter Schweizer book Clinton Cash exposed the scheme, along with an article in the New York Times which laid out allegations of criminal malfeasance by the Clintons, their charitable foundation, and several […]

Comey Releases Prepared Testimony: “I Hope You Can See Your Way To Letting This Go… I Need Loyalty”

Ahead of tomorrow's much-anticipated testimony, former FBI Director James Comey has released his prepared remarks. Comey make no accusations but he does outline how he had concerns with some of President Trump's behavior – although he makes it clear that Trump never ordered him to do anything – specifically the president's intent with requests for […]