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SHTFplan: VP Pence Unveils Trump’s Space Force; Will Cost $8 Billion Over 5 Years

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge Back in March, President Trump first introduced the idea of a US “space force”, renewing a long-running debate that began almost 20 years ago whether the Pentagon’s space activities should be moved to a new command. […]

A Lot Can Be Done In Obama’s Last 20 Days: “This Transition Period Is Such A Dangerous Time For The Country” / Jeremiah Johnson / January 2nd, 2017 Just in the past few days prior to this New Year, Obama has taken a tremendous number of steps in a very short time.  You are all aware of the NDAA for 2017 having been signed by Obama.  That document came with a “barnacle” attached to the hull of […]

Henningsen: New Obama ‘Arms to Al Qaeda’ deal will prolong the violence in Syria / Patrick Henningsen / DECEMBER 9, 2016 This week, the momentum in Syria shifted dramatically as the Syrian Army liberated of the Old City in eastern Aleppo, so far retaking 80% of ‘rebel’-held areas in the city. As a result, operatives in Washington and their allies are now taking desperate measures in order to try and preserve the viability of […]

“Something Terrible Is Brewing”: Psyop/False Flag to Label Patriots As ‘Domestic Terrorists’

Cartoon by A.F. Branco, This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his website. Editor’s Comment: This is the situation that Homeland Security, FEMA and the federal Continuity of Government (COG) operation has been preparing almost from the beginning. A system of tyranny will be put in place as a […]

The Obama Administration Would Support Gun Ownership If Guns Were Used to Abort Unborn Babies / by Dave Hodges / 10 Oct, 2015 The Obama administration can condone the murder of millions of babies through abortion and a word of protest is never uttered. There are no calls to ban the forceps that crush the life out of a baby. There is no threat of an Obama executive order to ban the suction […]

Have You Bothered to Tell Your Children That They Have No Future? / by Dave Hodges / 05 Sep, 2015 Paradise Lost When I became a parent, I mistakenly thought that I would raise my son just like my parents raised me. My parents instilled in me a fundamental respect for authority, how to honor the great traditions of our country and how to work hard to get what I […]

Homeland Funded Jade Helm Drill: Black Helicopters “Transport Dissidents to Black Sites”

The following report was originally published by Dave Hodges at his The Common Sense Show website. Editor’s Note: Reports so far detailing the nature of Jade Helm 15 indicate that this is the largest yet in training scenarios putting the United States population in the role of the enemy. Taking place over the course of […]

What Will Happen First, An Economic Collapse or Martial Law?

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / by Dave Hodges / July 30, 2014 What will happen first? Will we fall under the specter of martial law and all that entails? Or, will we experience an economic collapse prior to martial law? In the present state of affairs, […]

Slave Labor Camps Are Next

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Dave Hodges / March 13, 2014 Following the coming false flag, how will the powers that be get the country to fall into line and willingly participate in their demise as we race towards World War III. It […]