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NetDania Responds to SD Inquiry Regarding Friday’s Action in Silver

SilverDoctors Tuesday, February 28, 2012 Last Friday evening, we reported that the cartel had apparently dumped 102.5 million ounces of paper silver in a span of 7 minutes during late afternoon Globex trading- per volume/ candlestick action on the NetDania platform. With reports swirling around the web early in the week that the CFTC had […]

Silver Weekly MACD has turned up again. Will the third time be the charm?

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Crimex forces overwhelm asian silver rally

Just like clockwork, the paper forces of the crimex arrive at the 8:30AM futures open and the 9:30AM equities open to crush the budding asian based silver rally.  It’s all in the chart:

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You may see a giant head and shoulders. I see a GIGANTIC pennant

We shall soon see who is right:

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Silver opens very strong – 8.5% gain so far this year

When silver starts running, just get out of the way. There are two trendlines here, the first has already been breached:

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