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There Will Be Those Who Perish In the Next Crisis, And Those “Who Survive In Underground Luxury”

Ultimately, no one can stop what is coming. The haves and have nots of the next, gritty era of aftermath will be those who have the means to survive when the system has failed, and those who do not. For the wealthy, and prepper minded elite, hidden fortified layers purchased for insurance will preserve most […]

Cyber Warfare? Air Force Kept Silent on Possible Russian Attack Against “Secret Drone Support Network”

Officially, they aren’t admitting anything. Unofficially, the possibility that Russia or some independent hacking group caused the failure is clear to most observers, and a great worry to the military leaders and politicians running the system. It wasn’t just some glitch, and it wasn’t an insignificant system that went offline. The DoD’s secret computer network, […]

Mathew 13:12, Bitcoin Style: The Rich Get Richer

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Justin O’Connell / August 26, 2013 The rich are only getting richer in Bitcoin, as the Mathew effect is clearly demonstrated via the public ledger. But, is this a bad thing? The public Bitcoin ledger gave Daniel Kondor and […]

Dancing Santo

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