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Sprott Money News Ask The Expert January 2018 — Rob Kirby

Author and analyst Rob Kirby joins us to answer questions on topics ranging from precious metals, the mining shares to the future of the Canadian dollar.

Questrade SMGold webinar JAN2018

This webinar discusses how investors can buy Precious Metals into their RRSP accounts with Sprott Money Ltd and Questrade. The webinar discusses in detail our partnership with Questrade and how Sprott Money, as a bullion dealer can help clients hold gold and silver products in various registered accounts with Questrade.

Weekly Wrap Up – December 1, 2017

This week, Eric Sprott discusses the global demand for physical gold and silver and how this might impact prices in 2018. – video upload powered by

Weekly Wrap Up – November 24, 2017

Eric Sprott discusses the week that was for precious metals and begins to look ahead to December and 2018. – video upload powered by

Weekly Wrap Up – November 10, 2017

This week we’re joined by Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver for a discussion of silver supply, silver demand and the ongoing rally in commodities. – video upload powered by

Weekly Wrap Up – November 3, 2017

Eric Sprott discusses the latest economic data and his outlook for gold and silver prices into year end. – video upload powered by

Rick Wiles Issues An Extremely Ominous Warning: “The Alarms Are Ringing Again”

What you are about to read is going to absolutely shock you.  Rick Wiles has done outstanding work over at TruNews for well over a decade, and now just days before the August 21st solar eclipse he has issued his most ominous warning ever.  His warning is not directly related to the eclipse, but I […]

The United States Has Become A Nation Of Sheeple

You can either follow the herd of you can decide to find your own path.  One of the things that greatly frustrates me is that so many Americans allow other people to do their thinking for them.  We have become a nation of sheeple, and the vast majority of the shepherds that we are relying […]

Chicago Tribune Says Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ Filter Is Killing Its Traffic

Back in December we wrote about the efforts of Facebook to combat the spread of “fake news” over social media with the introduction of a filter intended to flag ‘fake’ content so that users wouldn’t haven’t to go through the hassle of critically analyzing information on their own.  As we noted at the time, it […]

Populism In Our Time – “The Status Quo Is The Fundamental Problem”

Authored by Paul Brodsky via, “Be even more suspicious…of all those who employ the term we or us without your permission. This is another form of surreptitious conscription, designed to suggest that we are all agreed on our interests and identity.”– Christopher Hitchens Merriam-Webster defines populist as “a believer in the rights, wisdom and […]