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RANsquawk October NFP preview / By RANSquawk Video on 10/01/2015 12:15 SOURCE The post RANsquawk October NFP preview appeared first on Silver For The People.

Treasuries Tumble Most In 6 Months As Trannies Soar To New Highs / by Tyler Durden on 03/07/2014 16:05 -0500 The world and their pet rabbit was convinced yesterday that today’s jobs number was both the most-important-number-in-the-world and didn’t matter (because whether it beat or missed it was bullish for stocks). Seconds after the release that appeared to be true as JPY instantly dragged stocks to record highs […]

Daily Nugget – was NFP a ‘blip’? / by JAN SKOYLES / JAN 16 2014 Gold slipped yesterday as the US dollar index and world stock indexes climbed. Both act as alternative asset classes for the precious metal. The Empire State’s manufacturing survey was better-than-expected, adding to the positive sentiment that followed the US retail sales data the day before. Added to this […]

The VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of 3.0% / Andy Hoffman / Friday, January 10th Yesterday afternoon, a “miraculously strong” 30-year bond auction pushed the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield below the VERY KEY ROUND NUMBER of 3.0%.  Never mind the FACT that the Fed monetizes at least 70% of all new issuance, or that only a lunatic would dramatically increase purchases of high […]

Stocks Stick-Saved While Bond Bears Battered / by Tyler Durden on 01/10/2014 16:11 -0500 Treasury yields collapsed 10-12bps today with the largest decline since 9/18/11. Treasury yields in general slipped back to the lowest level in 3 weeks. The USD was slammed lower (except against CAD which pushed lower – down 2.5% on the week!). JPY strength was offset by AUD […]

3.0% – Nuff’ Said! / Andrew Hoffman / January 10th, 2014 On the fateful day of June 19th, the Fed misjudged its ability to control markets – by hinting it might taper if the economy improved.  Helicopter Ben was drunk with confidence, given QE had pushed the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield down to 2.1%; whilst the PPT had taken the Dow to new highs; […]

USD Bid As Bonds, Bullion And Stock Bulls Battered / by Tyler Durden on 12/12/2013 16:12 -0500 US equities close weak for the 4th day in a row – echoing last week but without some earth-moving data to save them tomorrow as NFP did last Friday. Bonds and gold were also hit hard and the USD was well bid on the day. The USD is now […]

PHYSICAL demand continues to surge / Andy Hoffman / Monday, December 9th Well, another bogus NFP report is come and gone – not withstanding its obviously weak “internals,” and gold and silver continue to hold well above the June lows; which they darn well should, given both metals are trading well below the marginal all-in cost of production.  The COMEX […]

Minimum Wage Hell / By Andrew Hoffman / December 9th, 2013 As I wrote in Thursday’s “Oh, the Propaganda,” years of post-NFP raids have conditioned market participants – and sadly, PM holders – to believe this largely meaningless, heavily rigged report is vitally important to the long-term gold and silver outlook.  It is decidedly not – as demonstrated by […]

Stocks Tank 5 Days-In-A-Row As 52-Week Lows Reach 3-Month High / by Tyler Durden on 12/05/2013 16:16 -0500 “Good news” once again proved the undoing of the equity market (which some bright spark on TV said “has priced in the taper”) and bonds and bullion also fell. Despite the ubiquitous late-day ramp to VWAP (thanks to to JPY selling and VIX stomping), equities closed red […]