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Chris Hedges: Elites “Have No Credibility Left”

Chris Hedges and David North via, On Monday, WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North interviewed Chris Hedges, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author, lecturer and former New York Times correspondent. Among Hedges’ best-known books are War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning, The Death of the Liberal Class, Empire of Illusion: the End of Literacy and the […]

Lone Blogger Rages Against The Washington Post’s Russian “Hit List”

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, I have to admit I’m quite honored to see that Liberty Blitzkrieg was recently included on a list of some of the most illustrious, impactful and successful alternative news websites on the planet. The list was created by an anonymous group of status quo crybabies who simply can’t handle the […]

Noam Chomsky: “The Idea Of A Media Which Does Not Repeat US Propaganda Is Intolerable To American Leaders” / by Tyler Durden / 04/20/2015 21:32 -0400 Few individuals polarize the public with their opinions, statements and mere presence, like Noam Chomsky. The 86 year old linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, logician, political commentator, social justice activist, and anarcho-syndicalist advocate, has strong opinions (and in some cases, entire schools of thought) on everything from philosophy, to […]

Noam Chomsky on the Classification System: “It’s to Protect the State from the Citizens”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Michael Krieger / May 27, 2013 I’ve spent quite a lot of time studying declassified internal documents, and written a lot about them. In fact, anybody who’s worked through the declassified record can see very clearly the […]

Brilliant Interview: “The Paranoia of the Superrich and Superpowerful”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Michael Krieger / February 4, 2013 Huge efforts have been devoted since to inculcating the New Spirit of the Age. Major industries are devoted to the task: public relations, advertising, marketing generally, all of which add up to […]

RussiaToday: Total Recall: Assange debut & mainscream media

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