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DISL Automatic – War on Drugs is a War on Us (2015 Vancouver 4/20 rally)

Video footage and editing by drutter, Vancouver Canada, April 20 2015. “War on Drugs is a War on US” audio by DISL Automatic. (prod. Blunted Beatz) DISL’s video for this track, with more visuals and lots of links: DISL’s free mixtape: Happy 4/20 everybody, and even if you don’t celebrate, thanks for supporting […]

Glenn Jacobs: The Libertarian Superstar of Professional Wrestling

Glenn Jacobs, also known as WWE superstar “Kane”, is our guest this week. He’s not only a tremendous performer and athlete, but also tremendous intellectual, a voracious reader, a dedicated Rothbardian, and a great friend of the Mises Institute. Glenn explains his journey to libertarianism and Austrian economics, how he joined the Ron Paul revolution, […]

Secession is Libertarian | Lew Rockwell

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