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Dow Tops 22,000 As Dollar Drops To 27-Month Lows

It appears the market's attitude today was simple.., Summarizing today: Despite the biggest comany in the world blowing out earnings – Stocks ended the day 'unchish', VIX ended the day marginally higher Despite weaker than expected jobs data, escalating tensions with Russia, and China and India facing off against each other – Bonds ended the […]

Who Holds The Power In Today’s Oil Market?

Authored by Osama Rizvi via, Amidst the din of analysts speculating about whether oil prices will rise or fall, observers may well be overlooking some pressing questions about the very nature of the global oil market. The most significant of these questions relates to whether Saudi Arabia is losing its grip on the global […]

Oil Pumps’n’Dumps After Russia Mentions Production Cut / by Tyler Durden / Mar 21, 2017 10:22 AM It appears the weight of positioning is too much to maintain any OPEC/NOPEC jawboning. READ MORE The post Oil Pumps’n’Dumps After Russia Mentions Production Cut appeared first on Silver For The People.

“Extremely Greedy” Traders ‘Shocked’ As Stocks Stumble Most Since Election, Dollar Dumps / by Tyler Durden / Dec 12, 2016 4:03 PM After exhibiting “Extreme Greed” A down day!!! Sentiment for the day started off strong thanks to OPEC/NOPEC and Saudi comments sparking a buying panic in crude to 17-month highs… But it didn’t help China… (worst stock drop in 6 months) after Trump’s questioning “One China Policy” and […]