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35 Chinese Cities Have Economies As Big As Countries

Gaining perspective on China’s monstrous economy isn’t always the easiest thing to do. As Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, with 1.4 billion people and the third-largest geographical area, the country is a vast place to begin with. Add in explosive economic growth, a market-oriented but Communist government, a longstanding and complex cultural history, and self-inflicted demographic […]

Rising Occupancy In China’s Fake Manhattan Is “Mostly Government Driven”

China's copy of Manhattan is no longer a ghost town, Bloomberg reports. But that doesn't mean it has forever forestalled a "day of reckoning" for its debt-fueled growth. The northern city of Tianjin drew negative press coverage a few years ago because of a newly built replica of Manhattan complete with a mock Rockefeller Center that was created […]

Chinese Cruise Ship With 2,000 Passengers Stuck At Sea For Two Days Due To Smog

Beijing’s pollution problem is getting worse by the day. On Wednesday, the Chinese capital issued its highest “red fog alert” for only the second day in history, keeping highways closed in and around the city which is already under a smog alert after weeks of choking winter pollution. China’s weather bureau warned of visibility of […]

Dramatic Time-Lapse Video Captures Arrival Of Beijing Smog Cloud

The following dramatic time-lapse video, shows a wall of toxic smog rolling into Beijing over a 20-minute period collapsed into a 10 second video; it gives a glimpse of the pollution problem in China’s capital city. Chas Pope, a British engineering consultant working in Beijing, shot the video. An air-quality index released by China’s municipal […]