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Social Media Platforms Need To Be Regulated! NYU Prof Sees “Dangerous Issues For Society”

Authored by Vasant Dhar, NYU Sterm Professor, op-ed via CNBC, Unregulated social media platforms pose significant societal risks. That's what we found out after the 2016 election, when it became clear that social media had been used for political mass manipulation in the world's oldest democracy. We should not be surprised. Despite a large scale […]

“Very Close To Irrational Exuberance”: Asian Equities Break Above All-Time High As Hang Seng Clears 30,000

Following the new all-time high in US equities, the MSCI Asia Pacific Index broke through its November 2007 peak to make an all-time high in Wednesday’s trading session. This was something we noted could happen yesterday in “SocGen: Asian Equities Are So Awesome, A China Minsky Moment Is ‘Manageable”. The dollar weakened slightly after outgoing […]

Watch Live: Janet Yellen And Mervyn King At NYU

The NYU Stern school of business is hosting the latest installment of the “In Conversation with Mervyn King” series featuring outgoing Fed chair, ?Janet Yellen, who in just over two months, will depart the Fed, making way for her replacement, former Carlyle partner Jay Powell. While her speech is not expected to provide any market-moving […]

Gillibrand Tries To Out-Trump Trump: “Has He Kept His Promises? No, F*ck No!”

In a speech to the Personal Democracy Forum at NYU, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has apparently launched into an expletive-laced tirade calling out both Trump and her own party.  On Trump:  “Has he kept his promises? No. Fuck no.”   On Democrats:  “Fundamentally, if we’re not helping people, we should go the fuck home.” And, […]

A Voice Of Reason Speaks Regarding “The New Cold War”

Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Last week was interesting for me. I spent about half my time getting up to speed with the latest happenings in the crypto-coin world, and got really excited about a lot of what I saw. In fact, this was the first time I became totally consumed by the space in several […]

Professor Cohen Says Assault on Trump Presidency is Our Greatest National Security Threat: Is There A 4th Branch of Government?

Steven Cohen, Professor of Russian studies at Princeton and NYU (an obvious Russian spy) was besides himself tonight, in sheer disbelief over the with hunt of gigantic nothing-burgers that are being used to assault the Presidency of Donald Trump. He declared, “today, I would say (the greatest threat to national security) is this assault on […]

Tucker Carlson Tackles the Dangerous Case of the Democratic War Party, Itching For a Fight With Russia

During last night’s Tucker Carlson show, he attempted to find out why the democratic party, the same people who prided themselves on being anti-war during the Bush administration, were so god damned eager to wage war with just about anyone they could find willing to participate.   Inside of their party is one sole source […]

White House Spokesman Slams Media Over “Crowd Size Comparisons” In Bizarre First Briefing

In a bizarre first briefing, White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday unloaded a blistering attack on the media and accused it of false reporting about the otherwise irrelevant question of why Trump’s inauguration crowd was visibly smaller than that of Obama’s. Spicer used up virtually all the time in his first official appearance […]

Bankers Reap Forfeited Souls As Millions Turn to Prostitution: “Viagra Costs 4x The Cost of P***y”

When opportunity has evaporated, and people are vanquished with no hope of better employment, it is simply inevitable that many will turn to selling themselves rather than starve, or worse. At one level, it pure economics. The Greek people have been squeezed. Their economy has been sold at auction, and everything is breaking down. In […]

YIKES, No Wonder Citigroup Economist Willem Buiter Was Freaked Out Over the NYU Stalking Economist

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. /  by Robert Wenzel / July 3, 2013 The Keynesian NYU economist Heleen Mees, who was arrested late Monday night for stalking Citigroup economist Willem Buiter, left a creepy scary tweet just days before her arrest. She tweeted: This used to be my favorite movie […]