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The Cyber Wars Begin: Obama Says US “Must Retaliate” Against China For Historic Data Breach

On Friday, we highlighted a “secret” NSA map which purports to show every Chinese cyber attack on US targets over the past five years. “The prizes that China pilfered during its ‘intrusions’ included everything from specifications for hybrid cars to formulas for pharmaceutical products to details about U.S. military and civilian air traffic control systems,” […]

MH-17 Shootdown After One Year: What Do We Know? / Ron Paul Institute / August 1, 2015 The US still claims Russia bears some or all of the responsibility for the shootdown of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 last July, however the Obama Administration still has not released any information to back its claims. READ MORE The post MH-17 Shootdown After One Year: What Do We Know? […]

Al-Qaeda Attacks CIA-Trained Syrian “Freedom Fighters”; Commander Captured

Attempts to make sense of the prolonged, bloody conflict in Syria which threatens Turkey’s southern border and long ago spilled over into Iraq, are everywhere and always complicated by the constantly shifting alliances among the various groups fighting for control of the country.  For instance, commentators were taken off guard in April when al-Qaeda affiliate […]

Secret Memo Reveals US Was Aware Of Americans Killing Zimbabwe Lions; Only Concern Was Getting Caught

Over the past 3 days, it appears that the only thing Americans can talk about, whether around the watercooler, in the office or during prime time TV, is the tragic death of Cecil the Zimbabwe lion, and his “monster” killer, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer. The reality, of course, is that despite engaging in the rather […]

The Real Story Behind Turkey’s US-Backed “War On Terror”

A quick Google search for the phrase “Turkey joins ISIS fight” reveals that generally speaking, the media is doing its best to pitch Ankara’s newfound willingness to engage Islamic State militarily as a kind of come-to-Jesus moment for the Erdogan regime. Here’s the official line, excerpted from the NY Times: Turkey plunged into the fight […]

The End Draws Near For Syria’s Assad As Putin’s Patience “Wears Thin”

Early last month in, “The Noose Around Syria’s Assad Tightens” we outlined the latest developments in the country’s prolonged civil war. Here’s what we said then:  The US-led alliance realizes very well that as long as Assad has to fight three fronts: i.e., the Nusra Front in the northwestern province of Idlib and ever closer […]

White House Denies Snowden ‘Pardon’ Petition, Warns “We Are Living In A Dangerous World”

After two years and a massive 167,000 signatures, FirstLook reports that The White House has officially denied a hugely popular petition calling for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to be “immediately issued a full, free, and absolute pardon,” saying thanks for signing, but no, stating that "Mr. Snowden’s dangerous decision to steal and disclose classified […]

Frontrunning: July 28

Fed Officials May Offer More Clarity on Rates (WSJ) Stocks rebound, shrugging off volatile and weak China (Reuters) Three-Day Selloff Knocks 11% From China Shares (WSJ) China shares fall again as Beijing scrambles to calm markets (Reuters) VAT hikes to make Greek destination less popular (Kathimerini) Varoufakis – Something is rotten with the eurozone’s hideous […]

Frontrunning: July 27

Chinese shares tumble 8.5 percent in biggest one-day drop since 2007 (Reuters) Japan’s Economy Shrank Last Quarter, Top Forecaster Says (BBG) Creditor teams in Athens to work on third bailout (AFP) Tsipras’s Paradox Is Six Months of Pain and Enduring Popularity (BBG) Goldman-Backed Instant Messaging Company Seeks New Investment (WSJ) Best Buy will sell the […]

Furious Coal CEO Lets It All Out: “Obama Is Nation’s Great Destroyer”

Murray Energy CEO Robert Murray, who spoke to Republicans at the Lincoln Day Dinner on Wednesday, is “righteously mad” at President Barack Obama, who Murray says is to blame for the downturn in the coal industry.  The President, you see, is on a “bizarre personal and political” quest to destroy not only the coal industry, […]