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Chinese Province Admits It Fabricated Economic Data For Three Years

While it will hardly come as a surprise to China watchers who have for years mocked China’s cooked “data”, overnight the state-run People’s Daily reported that the severely impacted by the commodity crunch of the past 2 years rust-belt province of Liaoning fabricated fiscal numbers from 2011 to 2014, raising fresh doubts about the accuracy […]

Why Obamacare’s “20 Million” Number Is Fake

Submitted by Genevieve Wood via, Liberals are notorious for caring about “groups” of people, but when it gets down to individual persons, not so much. You’re about to see this play out in spades as Democrats cry crocodile tears over the coming repeal of Obamacare. You hear it over and over again: “This will […]

In His First Foreign Trip As President, Trump Plans To Meet With Putin In Reykjavik

Donald Trump and his advisers have told British officials their administration’s first foreign trip will be a meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in the capital of Iceland, the Sunday Times reported, citing an unidentified source, a move that is certain to unleash even more domestic and foreign criticism of Trump’s alleged proximity to the Russian […]

Trump Says He Is Open To Lifting Russia Sanctions, Won’t Label China Currency Manipulator “On Day One”

In his first full interview of the new year, President-elect Donald Trump explains his approach to foreign policy from a “realpolitik” lens, when he told the WSJ overnight that relations with China and Russia will depend on the degree to which the two countries cooperate with U.S. economic, diplomatic and military priorities.  The interview comes […]

Fiat Tumbles (Again) As DOJ Prepares Criminal Emissions Probe

A day after the EPA announced their probe of Fiat Chrysler’s alleged “cheating” over diesel emissions tests, the company now faces criminal charges as the US department of Justice has joined the probe. As Bloomberg reports, Fiat Chrysler is now also under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department over its alleged failure to disclose software […]

Obama’s “Farewell To Arms” As War Presidency Ends

Submitted by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, Eight straight years of warmongering come to an end as US President Barack Obama bows out with his «farewell to the nation» speech this week, as fawning American media dubbed his valediction. In reality, Obama’s outgoing address should have been billed as a «farewell to arms» made by […]

Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

As's Mac Slavo notes, we should take notice at the government preparations for disaster, and the possibility of a cataclysmic collision with damaging objects in space. At the same time, we should take notice at what they are preparing for with all the billions of dollars thrown at defense and survival, it comes in […]

Russians Mock, Ridicule Charge They Helped Trump Win

If the US “intelligence services” were worried about Russian trolls, a phrase appearing 6 times in the joint report which concluded – without presenting any evidence – that Russia’s “undermine public faith in the US democratic process, denigrated Secretary Clinton, and harmed her electability and potential presidency” and that the “Russian Government developed a clear […]

In Stunning Last Minute Power Grab, Obama Designates Election Systems As “Critical Infrastructure” / by Tyler Durden / Jan 6, 2017 9:08 PM In a stunning last minute power grab by the Obama administration with just 14 days left in his Presidency, the Department of Homeland Security released a statement this evening officially declaring state election systems to be “critical infrastructure.”  The statement from DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson defines “election […]

The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017

Submitted by Brandon Smith via, Yes, the narrative of the “new normal” has been around for so long now that many people have simply grown used to it. The assumption is that the fiscal “new normal” has become the fiscal “normal,” and though the fundamentals continue to strain under the weight of poor global […]