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Obamacare Sticker Shock Arrives: Insurance Premiums To Soar 20-40%

Two months ago, we outlined why the CPI-boosting Affordable Care Act is on the verge of bankrupting that all important driver of the US economic growth engine — the American consumer. Put simply, inflation in medical care services costs hadn’t yet reared its ugly head because many insurers were as yet unable to gauge the […]

Frontrunning: July 6

Greece Bailout Referendum: They Voted ‘No’. Now What? (BBG) Varoufakis Quits as Greece Enters New Showdown With Europe (BBG) Merkel to Meet Hollande as Greece Told to Make Next Move (BBG) German line hardens after Greek referendum ‘No’ (Reuters) BOJ keeps rosy view of regional Japan, watching markets after Greek upset (Reuters) Oil falls on […]

The War Party’s Strategy For Defeating ISIS——-Bomb More Civilians! / By Trevor Timm at The Guardian / July 4, 2015 Advocates for even more war in the Middle East apparently have a new strategy for defeating Isis: allow the US military to kill more civilians. If you think I’m exaggerating, just read their deranged and pathological arguments for yourself. It began in late May when […]

Fed’s Full Normalization Will Crush The Casino

Submitted by Adam Hamilton via, The US Federal Reserve has been universally lauded for the apparent success of its extreme monetary policy of recent years.  With key world stock markets near record highs, traders universally love the Fed’s zero-interest-rate and quantitative-easing campaigns.  But this celebration is terribly premature.  The full impact of these wildly-unprecedented […]

A Short History: The Neocon “Clean Break” Grand Design & The “Regime Change” Disasters It Has Fostered

Submitted by Dan Sanchez via, To understand today’s crises in Iraq, Syria, Iran, and elsewhere, one must grasp their shared Lebanese connection. This assertion may seem odd. After all, what is the big deal about Lebanon? That little country hasn’t had top headlines since Israel deigned to bomb and invade it in 2006. Yet, to […]

Russia Or China – Washington’s Conflict Over Who Is Public Enemy #1

Submitted by Michael Klare via, America’s grand strategy, its long-term blueprint for advancing national interests and countering major adversaries, is in total disarray. Top officials lurch from crisis to crisis, improvising strategies as they go, but rarely pursuing a consistent set of policies. Some blame this indecisiveness on a lack of resolve at the […]

A 14 Year Old Explains Why Socialism Fails

Via Shrey's Finance blog (reportedly a 14 year old Brit's thoughts),   Socialism is one of the biggest breakout economic ideologies of the 20th century. Although the UK general election was won by capitalists, socialism has more advocates than ever before, as a growing contingent are proposing a redistribution of wealth. You just need to […]

The More They Stay The Same

From the Slope of Hope: I wanted to do a post that had nothing to do with Greece or charts, just for a change of pace. Because I don’t know about you, but after the past 72 hours, I’m exhausted! One of my favorite “fun” books is a 1995 offering called Hey Skinny!, which is a collection of full-page color […]

The NATO Buildup On Russia’s Border – Groundless Pretext For Cold War Revival

Submitted by Patrick Smith via, Have you picked up on the new trope du jour? We are all encouraged to bask in our innocence as we lament the advent of a new Cold War. The thought has been in the wind for more than a year, of course, at least among some of us. […]

SCOTUSCare Post Mortem: Goldman Warns Healthcare Costs Will Continue To Rise

Via Goldman Sachs, The US Supreme Court upheld the Obama administration’s interpretation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This resolves most of the uncertainty regarding the subsidies under the law, though a few less significant legal challenges continue to work their way through the system. Congress looks unlikely to make any significant changes to the […]