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Conservative Koch Brothers Urge Resistance As Trump Faces Pivotal Obamacare Vote Tomorrow

Donald Trump faces a Presidency-defining test in tomorrow’s Obamacare vote.  Will the conservative elements of the party trust him with their political futures and unite the Republican party or will they instead stick with the deep-pocketed conservative advocacy groups that fund their campaigns?  The answer to that question will have far-reaching implications that could ultimately […]

Go Ahead — You Own It / by Karl Denninger / 2017-03-22  I had an “interesting” debate on Twitter last night with someone who is involved in the health insurance game in some way and apparently has cancer patients as clients.  He is a strong shill for the “Obamacare Repeal/Replace” process. The debate was plenty fun and decent right up until I […]

Bill Blain: “Markets Are Waking Up To The Reality Of The Trump Hangover”

As excerpeted from today’s edition of Bill Blain’s Morning Porridge “Americans can always be counted upon to do the right thing.. after they have exhausted all other possibilities..” So finally I got something right(ish) when I wrote about the imminent Trump Dump y’day. It was hardly rocket science: the over-inflated expectations on his deliverables have […]

Here Are The 26 People Responsible For Today’s Market Plunge

As we noted first thing this morning, and as we, and others, have been warning since December, the passage of Trump’s tax plan is conditional on the effective repeal (and/or replace) of Obamacare, which is set for a vote on Thursday.  And yet, it was only today that the market, and the press, appeared to […]

Trump Warns House Republcians To Support Health Bill Or Risk Losing Their Jobs / by Tyler Durden / Mar 21, 2017 1:40 PM Realizing just how much is at stake in Thursday Trumpcare vote, which could set back his domestic policies for months, and even delay his tax reform into 2018 should it not pass, Trump went on the offensive in his visit to the Capitol on Tuesday seeking to […]

Obamacare Repeal Status Update / by Tyler Durden / Mar 20, 2017 5:55 PM As with anything, the status of the repeal of Obamacare depends on your politics… Democrats… READ MORE The post Obamacare Repeal Status Update appeared first on Silver For The People.

Trump’s Job Approval Rating Drops To Record Low, Breaking Key Correlation

In the first week of February, a Credit Suisse analysis concluded that there was only one chart that mattered to markets: that of Trump’s approval rating. As the bank’s analyst Lori Calvasina wrote at the time, “US stocks have been trading closely with shifts in Trump’s favorability, as have 10 year Treasury yields… …the Dollar, […]

Obamacare Lite Set to Pass the House: What About the Senate? / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / March 19, 2017 After addressing concerns of older Americans, House Speaker Ryan is Confident About Health Plan’s Passage. Ok but what about the Senate? House Speaker Paul Ryan on Sunday expressed confidence that the Republican health-care plan will pass the House later this week, saying his party’s lawmakers are […]

Goldman Warns, Trump Budget “More Notable For What’s Not Included”

As expected, the White House has released topline spending totals for government agencies in FY2018, endorsing a $30bn nominal cut in congressional appropriations. However, as Goldman Sachs details, the release includes no projections of the overall fiscal path or economic assumptions, and includes no discussion of tax reform or infrastructure proposals. Those details are expected […]

What’s Preventing the Dow From Exploding? / CLIF DROKE / 03/15/2017 The stock market has once again entered a period of consolidation as investors wait for the results of the most important legislative decision of the year. The fight to repeal and replace Obamacare has taken the spotlight as Congress debates the passage of legislation that would eliminate its most burdensome aspects for […]