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Financial and War Crisis Ahead – John Xenakis – [wepollock]

John uses Generational Dynamics to forecast future events. We talk about the major flash points around the world including the Caucuses, South China Sea, and the Middle East. Growing nationalism, internal rebellion, economic events, and demographic trends are aligning around the world much the same way they did just before WWI. Points Covered Include The […]

Lost in the Snowstorm of Structural Crisis, be a Trimtab

You and I are part of a system, The very cultural context that has caused us to walk in the wrong direction for very long, a direction that shirks personal responsibility and accountability. What to think about Old and New Context The leadership does not take responsibility and that is clear, the leadership […]

Ann Barnhardt – A Matter of Record

Ann Barnhardt and I (Warren Pollock) talk about the most important issues of today including the property rights, collateral, the lack of safety in savings and retirement plans, and the 2012 election. We discuss the Sentinel Bankruptcy as a test case for violating key safeguards to any and all of your financial instruments within the […]

BANKSTERS & Fraud, The LIBOR Scandal

Is the global financial system a fraud? Why has the MSM ignored the Barclays capital and Bank of England scandal regarding the manipulation of the LIBOR rate? Is this just another example of the corruption and fraud that has become a part of the financial system? This topic and more is discussed. Thanks for watching […]


The Obama Admin is seizing total control. The road to tyranny is here, what are you doing about it? Thanks for watching

Collapse Confirmation News Update

2012 is the year of the climax. The global elite are pushing the system Towards a global reset. Just how does that global reset look? Thanks for watching

Syriagate: WikiLeaks releases Syria Files, 2.5 mln emails to be published

Read the full story The whistleblower website WikiLeaks has announced the release of almost 2.5 million emails derived from 680 Syria-related entities and domain names. They are said to be “embarrassing to Syria, but it is also embarrassing to Syria’s opponents.” Subscribe to RT! Watch RT LIVE on our website Like us […]

Happy DEPENDENCE Day America!

Today we celebrate the founding of the longest lasting free Republic in the world today. Built on natural law, God given rights, and individual Liberty today our nation hangs on a thread. We are so far removed from the America our founders created, and although like all nations we have made serious and at time […]

Dangerous Piety: Islamist threat looms in Europe?

In a recent crackdown on radical Islam, German authorities have launched nationwide raids on an ultra-conservative religious group – the Salafists. They’re suspected of having links to extremists and posing a threat to democracy. But for years the movement has enjoyed conditions that’ve made it thrive, as Oksana Boyko reports. Subscribe to RT! Watch […]

Warren Pollock – Je me Souviens & the US Moving Towards a "Failed Nation State"?

Kickstarter Fundraiser Je me Souviens does not translate very well to English, but I think we need to understand the meaning very well. The people of Quebec got something very right.. I want to support them all I can. The quiet revolution was from the bottom up.. I provide some perceptions about Quebec that […]