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Markets Queasy After Sick Janet Yellen Ends Live Speech: “Initial Reaction Was A Dive in Stocks”

It might be taken as a bad omen for the economy. Perhaps, it was the sign of a sick market. Then again, the Federal Reserve is not too obvious with its hints about future policy and its effects on policy. Nonetheless, during a speech where many were watching for news about a possible rate hike, […]

RussiaToday: ‘Dragon by the Tail!’: Video of SpaceX capsule docking with ISS

Dragon, the first commercial unmanned space vessel has successfully docked with the International Space Station, loaded with half a ton of provisions. The historic operation puts Dragon owner SpaceX in line with world’s four mighty space agencies.


RussiaToday: Take Two: SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon rocket blasts off to ISS

The California-based private SpaceX company has successfully carried out the lift-off of the first commercial supply flight to the International Space Station. An earlier planned launch was aborted over the weekend due to technical problems. The Dragon…

RussiaToday: Eurocrat mandarins want more cash amid economic turmoil

The worst-hit victims of the eurocrisis are the millions of Europeans who have lost their jobs and incomes. Almost half of all of Spain’s youth alone are out of work. And yet, this is not stopping Brussels from spending thousands of euros on bureacrati…