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Dead Mall Stalking: One Hedge Fund Manager’s Tour Across Middle-America – Part 2

Via, Continued from Part 1… Malls are bearing the brunt of changes in retail, but they’re only the canary in the coal mine. Let’s start with a simple premise; commercial real estate (CRE) will change more in the next decade than it has in the past hundred years. Anyone who thinks they can fully […]

If Trump Wins, Will Obama Declare Martial Law To Remain In Office? “These Are Not Normal Times”

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at End of the American Dream. Editor’s Comment: Frankly, this question is raised at the end of every presidential term. But would it ever really happen? For instance, Bush could have used a terror attack as an excuse to deny office to Obama; many believed […]

Prepper Candidate Appeals to “Americans Deeply Concerned About What Is Coming”

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream website. Editor’s Comment: While we face forces that cannot be easily subdued, there is reason still to fight against the system and to stand up for what is right. At the same time, preppers rightfully practice the subtle […]

Will Obama Ever Leave Office? / By Martin Armstrong / February 28, 2013 Rand Paul’s has sent a third Letter to the CIA nominee Brennan asking: Can You Kill with Drones in the USA? There is a very disturbing trend emerging whereby instead of reforming and restructuring the debt where the NY bankers would lose for once, it appears the […]

CCTV footage: Microsoft firebomb attack in Greece

More details Greek police have released CCTV footage of a group of people drove a stolen van into the Microsoft office in the capital Athens and set fire to 150 liters of petrol there. The video clearly shows the van busting through the glass doors after a few attempts. After it stops, petrol can […]

The Job Picture!

Millions for “Make Work”Gov. Cuomo announced the formation of the foreclosure relief unit within the Department of Financial Services last month in his State of the State address. The Department is developing a schedule for mortgage foreclosure specialists to visit other locations in the state using a mobile command center, a 36-foot-long van equipped with […]

Bad Balance: US women paid less than men despite calls for equality

America’s women are now top of the class over men when it comes to getting advanced degrees. There’s a sting in the tail though – their salaries still lag far behind their male counterparts. What’s worse is that conservatives are blocking legislation to get fair pay, as Marina Portnaya explains. Subscribe to RT! Watch […]

Spreadsheet Tutorial – Calculating Length Volatility

Calculating duration within’ five percent moves. DATA LINK (Silver Hourly from 2007) Open Office Calc spreadsheet used

CBO: Federal Debt to Double in 15 Years / By Stephen Dinan and Susan Crabtree / June 5, 2012 Federal debt will double by the middle of the next decade and reach more than twice the size of the entire U.S. economy by 2037 unlessCongress changes course on taxes and spending, the Congressional Budget Office said in its latest analysis Tuesday. The CBO said it’s the country’s […]

Euro Money Supply

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