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SHTFplan: North Korea Accuses US Of ‘Plotting Invasion’ While Talking With ‘A Smile On Its Face’

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Peace with North Korea could be in trouble, as the authoritarian regime accuses the United States of plotting to invade their poverty-stricken nation. Not only that, but North Korea thinks the U.S. is plotting an invasion while talking with “a smile on its face.” The U.S. military […]

Is It War? The First 2 Of 12 F-35 Fighter Jets Have Arrived In Japan

The first two of 12 US Air Force F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets arrived in Okinawa on Monday.  The aircraft will soon begin a six-month deployment in Japan as part of Pacific Command’s “theater security” program. Is this a red flag for war with North Korea? Suspicions run high as tensions in the area continue to […]

Days After Japan Increases Troop Levels, Chinese Jets Fly Near Okinawa / by John Galt / November 28, 2015 08:55 ET Just days after the Japanese military announced a new round of deployments in the disputed Senkaku Island region (see: Japan to Deploy More Troops Near Disputed Senkaku Islands ), China has decided to test the mettle of the Home Defense Forces by sending their bombers on […]

Japanese News Agency Reveals Nuclear War Close Call / By Paul Craig Roberts / April 1, 2015 After a year of threatening Russia with war, all we need is a mistake like this one in 1962 and it will be all over for humanity. 17:19 27 March 2015 U.S. veterans reveal 1962 nuclear close call dodged in Okinawa By Masakatsu Ota
TOKYO, […]

5/9 WAR UPDATE: China Demands Japan cede Sovereignty over Okinawa

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By John Galt / May 9, 2013 20:25 EDT The good news from the Far East keeps coming, even after the North Korean crisis appears to have moved into the “War Cancel” mode. Here is a video of the […]