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SHTFplan: The American People Have Been Conquered: “Change Through Peaceful Means No Longer Possible”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This blunt but honest article was written by Paul Craig Roberts and originally published at his website. Editor’s Comment: Sadly, the country is already gone. Most of us still go through the motions, but the truth is that the Constitution and Bill of Rights have effectively […]

SHTFplan: Consolidated Power, The End of Independent Business: “What This Reset Means”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was contributed by Brandon Smith, who originally published his article at Editor’s Comment: The larger themes of collapse and the destruction of the dollar have been cynically orchestrated from the top-down. While a major event is in the works that will destroy wealth in […]

SHTFplan: McDonald’s Will Replace Jobs with Kiosks: Ex-CEO Says $15 Wage “Will Trigger Massive Layoffs”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. The future of fast food service will involve much less human interaction. Instead, humans will line up like rats to pellet dispenser, and computer screens will take orders, as the classic menial, entry-level job will gradually disappear along with many other jobs in the workforce. Former McDonald’s […]

SHTFplan: The Bubble Will Burst, But Fed Is Waiting For Politics “With Trump Lurking Around”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. It’s no conspiracy. The music will soon stop and the economy will take a big hit when the bubble bursts – even the timing has been chosen. The Fed has been pumping easy money and buying time with future pain for years now, but the worm is […]

SHTFplan: “Recovery” Has 45 Million Americans on Food Stamps As Bankers Pull “Greatest Heist in History”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was written by Michael Krieger and originally published at his Liberty Blitzkrieg site. Editor’s Note: This is about way more than just the food stamps, or the jobs, or the statistics of the day. As Michael Krieger astutely notes below, this system is creating an […]

Campaigning Trump Vows: “I’ll Be the Greatest Jobs President God Ever Sent To This Planet”

Would America really become great again under a President Trump? That remains to be seen, but it is certainly clear that present day America has slumped quite a bit on jobs, opportunity and general prosperity. And Trump has identified the importance of these issues with a voters base – both within the GOP and well […]

The Vast Majority Just Aren’t Making It Anymore: “Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class”

This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog. Editor’s Comment: It just ain’t what it used to be. The dollar has been stretched to the max, and most people have been stretched too thin. While many Americans have been out of work and discouraged from returning […]

The Lost Home Owner: “Soaring House Prices And Lack of Decently Paid Jobs” Affect Young

If it seems like the youngest generation of adults are missing out on starting their lives, and becoming real grown-ups… it might be because they are. And despite what you might be thinking, it’s not just a case of fixation on vapid social media, cultural decline or laziness among millenials that is to blame. There […]

Year Ends in Economic Slump: “More Americans Than Ever Living in Poverty”

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog. Editor’s Comment: The Middle Class has all but disappeared. But all the people who used to be in it are still around, struggling more than ever before, joining the ranks of America’s poor and working poor. Where some of the […]

Trump Accuses Fed of Not Raising Rates Because Obama “Doesn’t Want a Bubble Burst” Until He Leaves

It is clear that Janet Yellen is holding her tongue on raising interest rates, and the Federal Reserve is effectively propping up the stock market in the meantime. The maneuver will only delay the inevitable, but perhaps that is exactly what the powers that be want. If Donald Trump is right, the Fed is only […]