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Mapping What Every State In America Is Best At

Company towns used to be a defining feature of the American economy. Nowadays, as Raul at notes, thanks to globalization and offshoring, it is much harder to find employers that exert such influence over a small town (with a few notable exceptions). That being said, specific industries still tend to grow in clusters and can dominate the […]

American Jobs Once Again Flowing Into Mexico After Brief, Trump-Induced Pause

After Ford scrapped plans for a new facility in Mexico and continues to flood the White House with press releases detailing normal course capital expenditures to be made on domestic plants, investments that would have been made irrespective of their outsourcing ambitions, it seems as though economics are making a comeback in  guiding the capital […]

Norway’s Fish For Brains Trade With India (Part I: Background)

Submitted by Nick Camran of Letters from Norway This is a personal story, discussing skilled immigration experiences and implications in both Norway and in the USA. I am a native born American of Indian origin having worked in both the US and Norwegian IT sectors. To translate the Norwegian references, you can right click in […]

Canadian Reader Comments on Outsourcing, Automation and Ten “Real” Problems With the US Economy

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. By Mike Shedlock/ Friday, October 11, 2013 12:28 PM In Ten “Real” Problems With the US Economy I took a look at complaints by Paul Craig Roberts that outsourcing was the “real” problem behind the crisis. I dismissed Roberts’ claim, while listing ten […]