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Daily US Opening News And Market Re-Cap: June 15

From RanSquawk German finance ministry spokesman has said there is no teleconference planned for Sunday. UK swaps market now pricing in an 80% chance of the BoE cutting rates by 25bps by the end of 2012. EU’s Van Rompuy is to host a videocall for EU G20 leaders at 1500BST in order to coordinate the […]

Goldman’s Humorous Summary Of Today’s Market Action

From Goldman’s Sales team: Stocks off just shy of 1%, which erases most of yesterday’s gains, which erased most of Monday’s losses. After tomorrow, will you be able to say that Thursday’s gains erased most of Wednesday’s losses, which erased most of Tuesday’s gains, which had erased most of Monday’s losses? With apathy running high […]

Presenting JPM’s Uber-Prop Trading Desk: Meet The SIO Inside The CIO

Remember when Jamie Dimon told the world the CIO stories were a “tempest in a teapot” during the firm’s Q1 conference call the very same day we accused the CIO of being the world’s biggest prop desk (aside from the Fed of course) and that the JP Morgan was merely “hedging” its positions? It appears […]

Arbitrage Pair Du Jour: Compress EURUSD vs Italy Bonds

It has been a while since we have seen any clearly actionable compression (or divergence) trade opportunities in a market that so far in 2012 been abused almost exclusively by central planners and robots. However, today we believe it is time to point out what appears to be a very distinct arb pair: specifically, the […]

Jamie Dimon "Invited" To Testify Before Senate

Update: JPMORGAN SAYS DIMON TO AGREE TO TESTIFY TO SENATE. Ummmm, there was an option? As everyone (or at least Zero Hedge) long expected, JPM’s prop trading debacle just got political and senators are about to demonstrate to the world just how little they understand about modern IG9-tranche pair trades. Expect to hear much more […]

Former Goldman, JP Morgan Banker Warns Hedge Funds To Accept Coercive Greek Exchange Or Else

In the neverending saga that is the Greek exchange offer we have a new and very important player: the head of the Greek debt management agency, Petros Christodoulou, who is now actively threatening any Greek hold out hedge funds against doing what is …

Guest Post: A Sneak Preview Of The Tranching & Subordination Of Eurozone Government Bonds

Submitted by Hypo Capital Management
Greece: The kiss of death for pari passu
A sneak preview of the tranching & subordination of EZ government bonds
While we are aware of politicians’ repeated vows about the uniqueness of the Greek case, we remai…