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SHTFplan: Towers to Heaven: The Alchemy of Prophecy, Terror, and Unity

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon and in Greek is Apollyon (that is, Destroyer). – Revelation 9:11 At the end of last month, I read an […]

Sessions Considering “Outside Special Counsel” To Review “Highly Politicized” Actions Of Obama DOJ

Even though Obama spent the waning days of his administration boasting about how he had managed to spend 8 years in the White House without a single ‘scandal’, current Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to have a slightly different view of how to define ‘scandal’.  But perhaps Obama just “did not recall” some of the […]

Candidates Ready to Trash Constitution to Fight ISIS: “Time To Put Life Ahead of Civil Liberties”

Never mind who poked at the hive and stirred up an angry storm. Those are lessons of blowback for those with memory and perspective. Right now the reactionary fervor is all that matters. Indeed, it is difficult to focus on much else. In hindsight, the nation became sick and tired of the wars and the […]

Lies the Government Is Telling You / Andrew P. Napolitano / June 11, 2015 Last week, Republicans and Democrats in Congress joined President Barack Obama in congratulating themselves for taming the National Security Agency’s voracious appetite for spying. By permitting one section of the Patriot Act to expire and by replacing it with the USA Freedom Act, the federal government […]

Ron Paul: Before Applauding Freedom Act, Address “CIA Secret Government Far Above the Law”

Finally, a move towards freedom and the restoration of rights… well, not quite so fast. Hold your applause. The passage of the USA FREEDOM Act and the expiration of parts of the PATRIOT Act are being hailed as monumental steps in ending unwarranted surveillance, but – signed into law by President Obama – it is […]

The Battle of Section 215 / By Brian Maher / Jun 1, 2015 The fate of the American Republic dangled by a hangman’s strand yesterday… That is, if you believed the keepers of consensus staffing the mainstream media outlets. The United States Senate had to decide last evening whether to extend three controversial provisions of the Patriot Act due […]

14,000 Websites Have Blocked Congress from Accessing Their Pages: Here’s Why / by Carey Wedler via The Anti Media / May 31st, 2015 As of Friday afternoon, over 14,000 websites have blocked Congressional access to their pages, instead directing them to a protest page. The massive move is an effort to show Congress that its push for continued surveillance via the Patriot Act and USA […]

Patriot Act Vote Coming Up: Google joins Apple, Others Requesting Spying Controls / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / March 27, 2015 The Patriot act expires in June, and anyone in their right mind would wish the entire concept go away entirely. NSA Spying has a 100% perfect track record of failure. Sadly, the answer to the question Would NSA Data Surveillance End With Patriot Act? is a resounding “No”. […]

Odds That You Are a Terrorist: 1 in 624,297

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Mac Slavo / October 18th, 2013 With literally trillions of dollars spent and the Constitution being overridden by legislative actions like the Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act, you’d think the United States of America was teaming […]

NSA Admits: ‘We Do Store All Your Data But We Don’t Look At It All’

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. / By Tyler Durden / July 31, 2013, 20:35 -0400 The Director of National Intelligence released three declassified “in the interests of transparency”documents this morning that authorized and explained the bulk collection of phone data – one of the secret surveillance […]