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WTF Headline Of The Day: Fed “Reluctant” To Manipulate Stocks, Bullard Says

Speaking on Bloomberg Radio to Kathleen Hays this morning, outspoken St.Louis Fed chair James Bullard dropped two somewhat shocking reality-check tape-bombs… that we are sure will quickly be rescinded and translated for the hard-of-understanding… First, Bullard was aksed about concerns over a US economic recession. He began with the 'standard' response of any establishment type: […]

Seven Theories Explaining The Recent Dramatic Surge In The Yuan / by Tyler Durden  / Jun 1, 2017  1:43 PM Back in 2015, when the US Dollar started its striking ascent as the world began repricing the Fed’s upcoming tightening, China – whose currency is pegged to the dollar – had no choice but to gradually, or not so gradually, unpeg the Yuan from the world’s best […]

On The Edge Of An “Uncontrollable Liquidity Event”: The Definitive Guide To China’s Financial System / by Tyler Durden / Mar 26, 2017 8:26 PM While most traders over the past month have been obsessing over developments in Washington, the real action – most of it under the radar – has played out in China, where as discussed over the past few weeks, domestic liquidity has tightened notably, culminating with an unexpected […]

China FX Reserves “Unexpectedly” Rebound Above $3 Trillion, First Increase Since June / by Tyler Durden / Mar 7, 2017 With China’s “Two Sessions” currently taking place, and Beijing hard-pressed to report positive economic data (including banning the sale of stocks by some mutual funds according to Bloomberg), it was perhaps not surprising that overnight China reported that its foreign-currency reserves “unexpectedly” rose in February for the first […]

Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation Running Out of Cash, Millions Affected / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / March 3, 2017 The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC), an entity created to “guarantee” pensions of private corporations, is on the verge of bankruptcy. Teamsters and other unions are poised to take huge pension hits. Previously, airline employees have taken a hit. *** Please consider PBOC Running Out of Cash to Cover […]

Yuan Is Crashing (Again) / by Tyler Durden / Jan 8, 2017 10:52 PM The volatility in the Chinese currency has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous. After exploding 21 handles stronger in the biggest PBOC-engineered short-squeeze in history – erasing the entire post-election sell-off – offshore Yuan is now collapsing once again, down 350 pips tonight (and over 10 […]

Chinese Interbank Lending Freezes, Forcing Massive Intervention By China’s Central Bank / by Tyler Durden / Dec 18, 2016 7:26 PM China is finding itself in an increasingly more untenable situation, trapped on one hand by its sliding currency (and declining reserves), which as noted earlier it has manipulated higher by forcing overnight unsecured rates to spike, in the process punishing  “speculators” and other shorts… … and on […]

Gold Drops To 9-Month Lows As Market Mayhem Resumes At Asia Open / by Tyler Durden Nov 13, 2016 7:52 PM Gold is now down over 10% from pre-Trump highs (to 9-month lows). USDJPY has jumped back above 107.00 (to 4-month highs), extending its move to a stunning 6 handles since Trump’s victory lows. After being closed on Friday, Treasuries have opened notably lower (with 10Y yield up […]

Equity Convexity Is Back “In Play” – A Reminder Of How We Got Here / by Tyler Durden / Oct 13, 2016 12:58 PM Some observations on the deteriorating state of the market from RBC’s Charlie McElligott, Head of US Cross-Asset Desk Strategy A Reminder on “How We Got Here” The market continues to “buy into” growing long-term narrative that CBs are shifting from notional “flow” of QE purchases to yield […]

Another Big Central Bank Warns on Housing Bubble, Frets about Risks to Banks, Blows Whistle on Stimulus / by Wolf Richter • September 12, 2016 PBOC: “Put a brake on the excessive bubble expansion.”  For Chinese households, owning residential property serves as a mix of risk-free savings account (on the premise, valid in the US as well, that “you can’t lose money in real estate”) and highly leveraged speculative betting game. Some people own […]