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Washington Governor Warns: ‘We Have Just 59 Days…To Save Our Children’ From Global Warming

Washington Governor Jay Inslee took to Twitter to warn his followers that they have a mere 59 days to save children from global warming.  The Tweet, which was posted yesterday, is meant to scare readers and the Washington legislature into enacting a carbon tax. According to the Daily Caller, the state legislature’s session ends in 59 […]

How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 4: They Buy Politicians, And Incumbents Almost Always Win

This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Once we wake up to how the game is being played, then we will have a real shot at changing things. For decades, the elite have been pulling the strings behind the scenes in both major political parties. That is why nothing has […]

Are The ‘Toxic’ Democrats Destined To Become A Permanent Minority Party?

It has become exceedingly clear that the Democratic Party is in deep trouble.  Close to 55 million dollars was spent on the race in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, and that shattered all kinds of records.  Democrat Jon Ossoff was able to raise and spend six times as much money as Karen Handel and yet he […]

The Left Refuses To Tone Down Their Inflammatory Language, And As A Result We Now Have War In The Streets

What in the world did the left think would happen?  When Kathy Griffin posed for a photo with “Trump’s bloody head”, that sent a message.  And the twisted version of “Julius Caesar” that is currently being put on by a New York theater group in which a character meant to closely resemble Donald Trump is […]

The Dow Plunges 372 Points As Trump Impeachment Talk Reaches A Fever Pitch On Capitol Hill

The wolves are circling, and members of Congress from both political parties are now openly talking about impeaching President Trump.  On Wednesday, speculation of a looming Trump impeachment sent stocks plunging.  The Dow was down 372 points, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both experienced their largest declines in eight months.  This downturn was […]

Why Is Our Politicians Not Learning? / By Jack Perry / October 2, 2015 Hey, remember when ol’ Dubya said, “Why is our children not learning?” I think he was on to something there. No, wait, hear me out, I haven’t been on an espresso IV drip. I think we need to apply this theorem to our government. To wit, “Why is our […]

Legalized Gov’t Theft of YOUR Property: “Prosecutor Lives in Seized House Rent-Free for Years”

They are a force to be reckoned with, bringing tanks, guns and the authority of shiny government badges – and they want what’s yours. Civil asset forfeiture, theoretically designed to fight the drug war, has created a loophole in law enforcement that has blown open a doorway to systematic government theft – all legalized through […]

The War on America’s Military Veterans, Waged with SWAT Teams, Surveillance and Neglect / by john w. whitehead / friday may 23, 2014 “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” —John F. Kennedy Just in time for Memorial Day, we’re once again being treated to a generous serving of praise and grandstanding by politicians and corporations […]

Whistleblower explains ‘massive blackmail’ potential from NSA spying on politicians / PSUSA / April 27, 2014 With the astonishing number of ways the NSA can spy on Americans, one must consider the ways this trove of information could be used in the wrong hands (as if there are “right” hands).   A former intelligence officer for the National Security Agency has gone on record saying that the […]

Loathsome Politicians / By Monty Pelerin / APRIL 26, 2014 I abhor politics and politicians. Politicians are loathsome, a word defined by Merriam Webster as follows: … causing feelings of hatred or disgust : very bad Loathsome is the perfect word to describe my feelings. For much of my life I was in a pronounced minority with […]