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Why Peter Krauth Sees the Price of Silver Rebounding from Here / by Peter Krauth  via Money Morning  June 19, 2017 Calling the price of silver a roller coaster would be an understatement. All you need is to look at a 60-day or 6-month price chart, and you’ll see exactly what I mean. In fact, even the past week can make seasoned silver investors nauseous. It’s been a […]

New Nova Scotia gold rush: Miners seek riches in flecks of precious metal / By Michael Tutton / Sunday, June 18, 2017 Amid the dull claystone of a tube-shaped sample of rock, the gleaming, pulse-quickening swirl of gold is unmistakable. “It’s quite a special specimen of gold. It’s by far the best visible section of gold we’ve ever intersected,” said Tim Bourque, a geologist with Atlantic Gold Corp., cradling […]

Banks Best, Utes Bust As Comey-nado Pounds Precious Metal / by Tyler Durden / Jun 8, 2017 4:01 PM As the world awaited “Thundering Thursday” and all its potential for panic… this happened in the markets…(NSFW) Spot the odd one out today in major stock indices!! (Small Caps 2nd biggest day in over 3 months) The big driver of Russell 2000 today… Financials – best day […]

After 5 1/2 Years Of Precious Metal Suppression, How Much “Ammo” Does The Cartel Have Left? / by Andrew Hoffman / Jun 2, 2017 Following up this week’s “historic market manipulation is setting the stage for catastrophe” theme, here’s how the U.S. PPT/Fed/ESF and the Chinese “national team” responded to dramatic, across-the-board PiMBEEB headlines yesterday.  In the U.S.’s case, a dramatic plunge in April construction spending; a May autosales “bloodbath; the downgrade […]

Gold and Silver Technical Charts / BY JESSE / 13 MAY 2017 Gold and silver are short term oversold, and *may* be putting in a bottom here, at least for the short term.   The technical measures are shown on the first two charts. Silver has been underperforming gold on this latest move later.  But that is typically what an asset […]

India’s April gold imports more than double from year ago, GFMS says / By Rajendra Jadhav via Reuters / May 8, 2017 MUMBAI, India — India’s gold imports in April more than doubled from a year ago to 75 tonnes on strong demand during a festival that prompts purchases and as jewellers stocked up ahead of a new national sales tax, provisional data from consultancy GFMS showed. […]

Silver’s… Comeback and Other Important Signals / PRZEMYSŁAW RADOMSKI , CFA / APRIL 24, 2017 The most prominent action in the precious metals market that we saw last week, took place in silver – the white metal closed the week below the important long-term support/resistance line, thus invalidating the previous breakout. However, there’s more to the precious metals market than just the […]

The Fed’s “Third Mandate” / by Andrew Hoffman / Feb 22, 2017 Lately, the Cartel has been throwing everything – including the kitchen sink – at Precious Metals; in silver’s case, vigorously defending its latest “line in the sand,” at the 200 DMA of $17.96/oz; and in gold’s, at its 200 day and 200 MONTH moving averages, both of which […]

SWOT Analysis: Perth Mint Reports Rising Sales on Geopolitical Issues / By Frank Holmes / 21 February 2017 Strengths The best performing precious metal for the week was silver, up 0.31 percent, just edging out the gains in gold. Bloomberg reports that China’s holdings of U.S. Treasuries have dropped by the most on record last year. The second-largest economy has been seeking to rely less on […]

Canadian Mint Worker Sentenced To 30 Months For Smuggling $140,000 Of Gold In His Rectum / by Tyler Durden / Feb 2, 2017 In September we reported that an employee of the Royal Canadian Mint smuggled C$180,000 (USD $140,000) in gold from the fortress-like facility, evading multiple levels of detection with a time-honoured prison trick: hiding the precious metal up his butt. *** Having been found guilty in November (“wait, what […]