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Guest Post: What if Silver and Gold Investors are Wrong? / By Dr. Jeffrey Lewis / May 3, 2013 Guest post submitted by, The recent declines in the gold and silver markets have prompted some soul searching among even the more dedicated precious metals investors. A rational investment approach would involve considering the likelihood of various scenarios that could hurt precious metal prices […]

Multiple Markets on Multiple Time Frames

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Gold Technical Analysis 2012.08.10

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How to Find the Link & Indian Gold

Search term used was: the indian government is at it again the flow of savings have moved to investments in gold

Gold & Silver chart update 2012-08-03

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Silver Chart Update 2012.08.01

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Silver $35-$40 by the end of the year, Gold $1,850

Silver Chart Update 2012.07.31

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"The mining shares have already bottomed" David Morgan on The Gold Trade

Obama’s Heart Aches For Aurora, CO – Not For Chicago : UN Gun Ban Treaty Update [Part 1]

Here’s Part 1 of my interview with “Mark”, a firearms industry executive & part-time police officer. Mark is a patriot who’s in touch with other police officers around the country, including Chicago which already has a gun ban in place and remains one of the most violent cities in the U.S. Mark says Obama’s shed […]