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It’s A ‘Turkey’ Market

Authored by Lance Roberts via, With Thanksgiving week rapidly approaching, I thought it was an apropos time to discuss what I am now calling a “Turkey” market. What’s a “Turkey” market?  Nassim Taleb summed it up well in his 2007 book “The Black Swan.” “Consider a turkey that is fed every day. Every single […]

Buffett Sees Market Crash Coming: His Cash Speaks Louder Than Words

Buffett Sees Market Crash Coming: His Cash Speaks Louder Than Words The Sage of Omaha’s adage is “it’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” Editor: Mark O’Byrne But for Warren Buffett the current environment doesn’t appear to be offering up any wonderful companies […]

What Do These CEOs Know That We Don’t?

Authored by Simon Black via, Last night a good friend of mine came over for dinner. He’s originally from Poland, and growing up there he heard a lot of bizarre stories about what it was like during the Nazi invasion and World War II. In 1939, even as 1.5 million German soldiers prepared to […]

The Fed’s Fantasy Vs. Reality

Submitted by Lance Roberts via, Dow 20,000 Last week, I noted the market’s push toward the market milestone of 20,000. To wit: “The Dow broke above 19700 and is within striking distance of the ‘psychological’ summit of 20,000. With just 250 points to go, it is extremely likely traders will try and push stocks to that […]

2007 All Over Again – Stock Valuations Enter “Crash” Territory

Submitted by John Rubino via, The Trump Christmas stock market rally has taken valuations beyond a point that in the past has signaled trouble, which in turn has generated a lot of cautionary press like the following: Market indicator hits extreme levels last seen before plunges in 1929, 2000 and 2008   (CNBC) – […]

What Happens When The “Fed Model” Breaks Down

With stocks having reached nosebleed valuations which clearly make no sense, which event bullish pundits slam as absurd, and which every single bank has thrown up on and is urging clients to sell into what has clearly been a relentless central bank bid, there has been just one justification for the stratospheric prices attained by […]

What Alan Greenspan Is Most Worried About

Jeff Gundlach is not the only person who is feeling “maximum negative” on Treasuries. In an interview, none other than the “Maestro” Alan Greenspan, the man whose “great moderation” policy made the current global bond bubble possible, said that he is worried bond prices have risen too high. Asked if he finds what is happened […]

ZeroHedge: The World Is Red

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Authored by GlobalGold's Claudio Grass, via, With a Gloomy Start to 2016, a Bust Seems just Around the Corner Markets have corrected substantially since the beginning of the year as most of the gains of the past two years […]

ZeroHedge: A Simple Warning

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Via, We like to consider the longest time periods available to find reliable historical trends in data series. Of these, the price/earnings ratio (p/e ratio) of the S&P 500 index is instructive to study. Major bull markets in equities […]

Howard Marks Warns “Investor Behavior Has Entered A Zone Of Imprudence”

Via Finanz und Wirtschaft's Christoph Gisiger, Howard Marks, Chairman and founder of Oaktree Capital, warns that investor behavior has entered the zone of imprudence and thinks that China is the biggest threat for the US economy. If you want to know from Howard Marks which stocks are going to do well next year, you’re going […]