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Bill Blain: “Why We Should Be Very Nervous About Corporate Bonds”

Blain’s Morning Porridge, Submitted by Bill Blain of Mint Partners Why we should be very nervous about corporate bonds     “Before the fiddlers have fled, before they ask us to pay for the bill and while we still have the chance.…” This might be week the proverbial chickens have more need than ever of somewhere […]

The Golden Conspiracy

Authored by Jim Rickards via The Daily Reckoning blog, Is there gold price manipulation going on? Absolutely. There’s no question about it. That’s not just an opinion. There is statistical evidence piling up to make the case, in addition to anecdotal evidence and forensic evidence. The evidence is very clear, in fact. I’ve spoken to […]

Chinese Home Prices Surge Most On Record, Ignore “Cooling” Measures

Over the past month, one of the key Chinese economic themes has been Beijing’s tepid, if growing, desire to gradually deflate the country’s unprecedented housing bubble. Alas, according to the latest, September data, the government has so far failed to tame the epic homebuying frenzy it unleashed just over a year ago courtesy of a […]

European, EM Stocks Slide On ECB Taper Concerns; US Futures Flat

With China on holiday for the week, overnight sessions remain quiet: at this moment, S&P500 futures are little changed as European stocks fall for first day in seven, on yesterday’s concern that the ECB is moving toward tightening monetary policy; Asian indices rose slightly for third day. WTI climbs to $49.40, the highest since June […]

“Welcome To Fantasy Land” Peter Schiff Warns Negative Rates Will Kill Growth

Submitted by Peter Schiff via Euro Pacific Capital, For years I have argued that ultra-low interest rates act more as an economic sedative than a stimulant. This idea has elicited laughter from the economic establishment. But it is becoming clearer that rates set by central banks that are far below the levels that free markets would have […]

Full BOE Preview, And A Look At What UK Corporate Bond QE Will Look Like

After several prominent central bank disappointments over the past few weeks, culminating with last week’s BOJ fiasco, earlier this week the RBA finally did as it was expected by both the market and a majority of analysts, when it cut rates by 25 bps to a record 1.50%, even if the reaction was unexpected, sending […]

The Decline & Fall Of The Biggest Bond Market In The World Has Only One Inevitable Ending

Government bonds are themselves becoming more illiquid, most particularly, as CLSA's Chris Wood notes, in a country like Japan where the Bank of Japan has been buying more than the net issuance. Monthly trading of JGBs by lenders and insurers has collapsed from a peak of ¥123tn in April 2012 to a record low of […]

ZeroHedge: Futures Flat Ahead Of Strike-Impacted Jobs Report; Commodities Approach Bull Market

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. After yesterday’s two key events, the ECB and OPEC meetings, ended up being major duds, the market is looking at the week’s final and perhaps most important event of the week: the May payrolls report to generate some upward volatility […]

ZeroHedge: “The High Yield Bond Rally Won’t Last” BofAML’s 9 Reasons To Sell Any Strength In Junk

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. BofAML's Mike Cantopoulos' distaste for corporate fundamentals, displeasure with the efficacy of QE and easy monetary policy on spurring growth and inflation, and concerns that a further deterioration in credit conditions will create deeper economic troubles not appreciated by many […]

ZeroHedge: The SPV Loophole: Draghi Just Unleashed “QE For The Entire World”… And May Have Bailed Out US Shale

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. Almost exactly one year ago, we wrote “Mario Draghi, Collateral Scarcity, And Why The ECB Will Soon Buy Corporate Bonds.” 11 months later, the ECB confirmed this when for the first time ever, Mario Draghi said he would do purchase […]