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Credit Suisse “Climbs The Wall Of Worry”, Raises S&P Target To 2,500 From 2,350

Following bearish reports from Goldman (which tactically downgraded stocks to Neutral for the next three months just hours before the Fed rate hike), RBC and JPM’s head quant Marko Kolanovic over the past week, overnight Credit Suisse decided to take the other side of the trade and hiked its year end forecasts for the S&P500, […]

Signs That The Silicon Valley Tech Bubble Is About To Burst

18 months ago there was a seemingly limitless number of Silicon Valley future billionaires buying up multi-million dollar homes and renting out lavish pads.  But if demand for excessively priced real estate is any indication of the health of Silicon Valley’s tech industry then all the venture capitalists who have tripped over themselves to invest […]

What’s A Money-Losing Company Worth?

Via ConvergEx's Nicholas Colas, All the chatter about one recent IPO got us thinking about an underappreciated question: “How exactly should you value a money losing company?”  In a former life as an auto analyst, I covered a lot of loss-making companies, and there are basically 5 types of cash burners.  Four represent potentially good […]

Credit Crash Concerns Spark Biggest Investor Underweight Since 2008

Alarm bells are starting to ring across multiple asset classes as we approach The Fed's first double-rate-hike-in-3-months since 2006. The most concerning canary in the coalmine is US credit markets…   After a bigly run-up from the Feb 2016 lows – on the heels of unprecedented central bank cooperation – IG bonds began to break […]

Theory of Relativity

From the Slope of Hope: Since today is President’s Day, I think I’ll write about something Presidential. And this quote from our patron saint George Carlin is absolutely crucial to the piece:  “When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat.” See, I want […]

Global Stocks Rise, S&P Futures Make New Record Highs As “Trump Trade” Euphoria Returns

European and Asian stocks, S&P futures, bond yields, the dollar and commodity metals are rose, in some cases making new all time highs, lifted by the latest reemergence of the “Trump trades” as hopeful investors once again bet that the U.S. president’s tax reform plans will boost economic growth and corporate profits, despite another warning […]

Macy’s Surges On Hudson’s Bay Takeover Report; Would Add To Portfolio Including Saks And Lord & Taylor

With Macy’s making the headlines in the past few days on speculation it was shopping itself for a potential buyer, a thesis first laid out by David Einhorn one year ago, moments ago the WSJ reported that Hudson’s Bay, the Canadian owner of Saks and Lord and Taylor, has made a takeover approach for the […]

Dallas Fed Gives The Best Forecast Of What The Trump Economy Will Look Like

One of the least convoluted, most insightful and thus best forecasts of what the first few months of the Trump administration will look like, came from one of the respondents of today’s Dallas Fed manufacturing survey. This is what the respondent said: President Trump looks to do things that will be favorable for business, which […]

How The Obama Administration Quietly Bailed Out Private Equity Landlords At The Expense Of The Middle Class

Authored by Yves Smith, originally posted at, So how much did Blackstone promise to give to the Obama library for this huge grift, um, parting gift? As regular readers may recall, private equity firms piled into buying foreclosed single family homes on the belief that if the government (in this case, Fannie and Freddie) […]

Frontrunning: January 24

Dollar steadies after stumble, sterling rides out Brexit ruling (Reuters) After U.S. exit, Asian nations try to save TPP trade deal (Reuters) U.K. Court Rules Brexit Trigger Needs Parliamentary Vote (BBG) Brexit plans unlikely to be slowed by Article 50 defeat (Reuters) Health Secretary Nominee Proposed Bill Benefiting Puerto Rico Investments (WSJ) How Trump Would […]