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The Illusion Of Progress

Via Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, This is precisely what you'd expect of a self-serving elite that was desperate to cloak the unhappy reality that the relative few are benefiting immensely at the expense of the many. The core narrative of politics everywhere is progress, i.e. "moving forward." If progress isn't being made, politicos and […]

The Austerity Diaries: Making Hay While the Sun Shines / Daisy Luther / August 28, 2014 Over the past couple of weeks, I haven’t been around my computer much. That’s because we are working hard to live a more agrarian lifestyle. And to do that, you have to “make hay while the sun shines.” That little proverb was first recorded in 1546, in John Heywood’s […]

The Job Picture!

Millions for “Make Work”Gov. Cuomo announced the formation of the foreclosure relief unit within the Department of Financial Services last month in his State of the State address. The Department is developing a schedule for mortgage foreclosure specialists to visit other locations in the state using a mobile command center, a 36-foot-long van equipped with […]

Ruinous Record: Arab village demolished 38 times in Israel

Residents of a Palestinian village have contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to register that their village was demolished by Israel 38 times. For more on this story RT talks to Jeff Halper, co-founder and executive director of the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions. Watch RT LIVE on our website Subscribe to RT! […]