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The $12 Trillion Fat Finger: How A “Glitch” Nearly Crashed The Global Financial System – A True Story

For all the talk of how the financial world nearly ended in the aftermath of first the Lehman bankruptcy, then the money market freeze, and culminating with the AIG bailout, and how bubble after Fed bubble has made the entire financial system as brittle as the weakest counterparty in the collateral chain of some $100 […]

High Frequency Trading: Why Now And What Happens Next

Update: within minutes of publishing this article news hit that the FBI is launching a probe into HFT. QED For all the talk about how High Frequency Trading has rigged markets, most seem to be ignoring the two most obvious questions: why now and what happens next? After all, Zero Hedge may have been ahead […]

Guest Post: A Common-Sense View Of The Stock Market

Submitted by Charles Hugh Smith from Of Two Minds A Common-Sense View of the Stock Market Common sense leads us to the “obvious” conclusion that the U.S. stock market is a rigged skimming operation that is essentially a form of legalized, officially sanctioned fraud. Active traders and professional money managers already know how the U.S. […]

From Chicago To New York And Back In 8.5 Milliseconds

Back in 2009 when the world wasn’t filled with HFT ‘experts’, we deconstructed the topic of High Frequency Trading on a daily basis, and predicted not only the flash crash, not only debacles such as the Knight trading fiasco, not only the death of capital markets as a fund raising vehicle for companies who wish […]

Guest Post: Mystery Solved – The Fed Indicts And Absolves Itself

Mystery Solved: The Fed Indicts And Absolves Itself Given that the economy markets have once again fallen into their annual rut it would make sense that policymakers would attempt to explain their persistent failures.  After all, this is not the recovery we were promised.  Not only is the real economy decelerating in the US, Europe […]