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Our Brave New ‘Markets’ – How HFT Algos Risk A Sudden Massive Sell-Off

Authored by Chris Martenson via, One thing is clear: These aren’t your daddy’s markets anymore. Why?  Because about 10 years ago the Rise of the Machines (aka high frequency trading algorithms) completely altered the terrain of what we call the ‘capital markets.’  Let’s look at this as a before and after story. Before the machines, […]

ZeroHedge: “We’re Moving To Tackle Systemic Risk” – India Cracks Down On HFT Scourge

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. While the corrupt and criminal US regulators are unable to do anything to stifle the market domination of algos which have totally destroyed the US equity market, and sucked up enough liquidity where neither buy nor sellsiders can generate a […]

ZeroHedge: Congratulations To Prominent Anti-HFT Crusader Eric Hunsader For Winning $750,000 Whistleblower Award

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. It has been nearly six years since Zero Hedge proudly began collaborating with Nanex and Eric Hunsader (recall first from June 2010: “How HFT Quote Stuffing Caused The Market Crash Of May 6, And Threatens To Destroy The Entire Market […]

Meanwhile, Over At The “New York” Stock Exchange: Towers With Frickin’ Laserbeams Attached To Their Heads

Back in March, when looking at the main antenna array at the real “New York” Stock Exchange located off Route 17 and MacArthur Boulevard in Mahwah, New Jersey, we noticed something peculiar: instead of just housing various now traditional microwave dishes…   … a new device had quietly appeared.   The “device”, as Extremetech explained […]

Ben Bernanke’s Employer Citadel Alleges That “Leveling The Playing Field” Will Actually Hurt Stock Markets

The biggest debate currently roiling the field of equity markets revolves around the August 21, 2015 submission by the dark pool made famous by Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys, IEX, in which it is seeking become a public trading venue that will compete with the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market. As many market […]

It A “Liquidity Mirage”: New York Fed Finally Grasps How Broken The Market Is Due To HFTs

In the aftermath of the October 15th, 2014 Treasury flash crash that was much fake “confusion” among the punditry about what caused the dramatic 20-sigma move in the 10 Year treasury. For us, however, there was no confusion, it was all due to a vicious case of HFT algo quote stuffing – a key component […]

HFTs Get Blamed For China’s Market Crash

On Thursday afternoon we warned: dear HFTs, get ready to be the scapegoats — zerohedge (@zerohedge) August 20, 2015 That could obviously apply in a number of jurisdictions, not the least of which are US equity markets which suddenly seemed to have lost their way amid Fed confusion, EM turmoil, and an FX bombshell out […]

Zero Hedge: What Should We Do?

Preface: No, this is not my normal style of writing. Yes, I’ve had a bit of liquid courage, and am in a bit of a Zen beginner’s philosophical mindset. Zero Hedge has the smartest readers of just about any site in the world … Most of us know that just about every government in the […]

Biggest US Dark Pool Busted For Rigging Markets, Engaging In Precisely The Manipulation It Warned Against

One year ago, in the first ever crack down on market manipulation and rigging in HFT-infested dark pools and ATS venues, the NY AG crushed Barclay’s dark pool LX with just one lawsuit alleging the bank had misrepresented and taken advantage of gullible clients to benefit well-paying HFT parasitic scalpers who not only have never […]

How The Fed Almost Admitted HFTs Are Illegal

Yesterday, in “How High Frequency Traders Broke, And Manipulated, The Treasury Market On October 15, 2014” we showed, with empirical evidence thanks to none other than the joint-staff (the Fed, Treasury, SEC and CFTC), precisely how algos broke the Treasury bond market in the morning of October 15, 2014, and specifically how at 9.34 am […]