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‘White’ Philosophers Next Ban At College: “A Real Danger Of Political Correctness Out of Control”

“Rather ridiculous” … and ultimately quite dangerous. Apparently, there is no end to the stupidity… especially at centers of higher learning. In the quest for diversity, fair representation and perhaps payback, some racially-minded education reformers are now attempting to erase philosophers like Plato and Kant from the curriculum – because they are ‘white.’ Never mind […]

“Bound, Gagged and Bloody”: Racist Thugs Force Kidnapped White Man To Say ‘F–– Donald Trump’

This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Editor’s Comment: There’s a complete lack of understanding in the people about who the real enemy is. Instead, groups divided by race attack each other based on race, and on general assumptions about the election. There is little doubt that this nation […]

“Revolt of the Elites”: Society Is Divided, Self-Absorbed and Powerless to Stop Them

This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at Of Two Minds. Editor’s Comment: There are many people, like the readers of this blog, who are wide awake and staring at the power structure, and the problems we face, that make this kind of work worth doing.But for everyone of those individuals, […]

SHTFplan: GOP Concedes: Trump WILL BE The Nominee… “We’re Going After Hillary Clinton”

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. It is a bombshell moment in this bizarre 2016 election, as Trump now has enough momentum to convince even the GOP establishment to get behind him. Indiana proved to be the decisive victory for Donald Trump in the GOP primary contest. Ted Cruz, who teamed up with […]

SHTFplan: “KKK Member With Whip” Panics College Over Race… Oh, Wait. It’s a Priest With Beads

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Image: Maxwell GS, Flickr, Creative Commons If you already thought most leftists have no idea what they’re talking about, then this story will probably make your head explode. The safe space movement to take over college campuses with fantastical grievances over “microaggressions” and reality-bending tortured-language meant to […]

Putin Gives Trump Endorsement In Hopes of Better Relations: “He’s the Absolute Leader”

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: Considering that the escalating tensions with Russia have little to no basis in reality, and represent instead an attempt to stir conflict and stoke further war in order to justify a military presence everywhere at once, thawing out relationships with […]

Got White Privilege? College Students Flunked for Using “Oppressive and Hateful Language”

Free speech has officially failed. Reports are pouring in that the politically-correct politics surrounding the term ‘white privilege’ are gaining traction at many universities. Plenty of professors at various colleges across the nation are confronting students with racial and ethnic issues, and decimating their grades if they aren’t sensitive enough to the use of delicate […]

Martial Law Concern About Jade Helm Is “Racist… Because We Have a Black President”

Desperate to rebrand conspiratorial concern about the coming Jade Helm training exercises – fears that it could be an attempt to bring martial law to ‘hostile’ Texas – the media is spinning its wheels to portray opponents of the military occupation as racists. Yes, concern about martial law and a military takeover under an emergency […]

Racial Tensions Ignite, Distracting Americans While “Major Financial Collapse is Imminent”

Media focus on has helped to reopen old wounds on race, with people reacting news about police killings that were allegedly motivated by race, with mass murders at historic black churches, and now a string of burning black churches. There is technique here. Inciting hatred has a tendency to spread and boil over… and then […]

Cake-Correctness: “ISIS Cake Anybody Can Buy at Walmart… But You Can’t Buy Confederate”

As we all know the Confederate flag has been put in the crosshairs as an icon of racial tensions, but this story takes the cake! (Wait, sorry). Walmart must put cake in its mouth, after the corporate giant is cleverly caught in a cultural hypocrisy of its own weaving. First, the store refused to make […]