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Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Drops On Inflation, Rate-Hike Fears / by Tyler Durden / Nov 10, 2017 10:10 AM UMich consumer sentiment declined from 100.7 to 97.8 in the preliminary November print, disappointing expectations of a small rise as anticipation of a pickup in inflation and higher interest rates weighed on the gauge. Even with the decline, sentiment was the second-highest since January, reinforcing other reports that Americans […]

Why Is the Fed So Desperate to Raise Rates? Jim Rickards Explains (Video) / BY SCHIFFGOLD / JUNE 23, 2017  The June Federal Reserve rate hike wasn’t a surprise. Most analysts expected Yellen and company to boost rates by 0.25 points. The only thing that was a little surprising was the hawkish tone the central bankers took at the most recent Federal Open Market Committee meeting. The Fed is hinting […]

The Fed’s Last “Rate Hike” / by Andrew Hoffman / Jun 13, 2017 Today, let’s start with one of my “favorite” topics, given my strong belief that OPEC’s highly visible death throes presage the epic level of chaos the gold Cartel will eventually experience when it spectacularly fails – per what I wrote in last month’s “OPEC, like the London Gold […]

Goldman Turns Less Confident On June, September Rate Hikes / by Tyler Durden / May 16, 2017 9:07 AM Following disappointing CPI prints for two months in a row, even such stalwart believers in the Fed’s tightening cycle as Goldman Sachs (recall Hatzius warned recently that the Fed may need to “shock” markets to tighten monetary conditions in light of the S&P relentless grind higher despite rising […]

Consumer Spending Flat, PCE Inflation Weakest Showing In 16 Years, Rate Hike Odds Rising / Mike “Mish” Shedlock / May 1, 2017 The market is increasingly convinced the Fed will hike in June, even as the economic data sinks. CME Fedwatch shows a 67.4% chance of a rate hike in June, up from a week ago. This is despite weakening economic reports today including flat consumer spending, negative consumer […]

Silver Prices in 2017 Will Rise to This Target by the End of Q2 / by Peter Krauth via Money Morning / March 20, 2017 Silver prices in 2017 have been a mixed bag lately. If the silver price action two weeks ago was discouraging, the past week was the polar opposite. In fact, anyone who held silver last week was rewarded with a solid 2.9% return. The price of silver struggled […]

This Won’t End Well… Never Has / by Tyler Durden / Mar 16, 2017 3:25 PM Q1 2017 will likely be the weakest period for economic growth of any rate hike since 1980; stock market earnings expectations are tumbling; uncertainty about the Trumpian pillars of stock market strength are surging, and various ‘risk-on’ asset classes around the world and breaking bad. As RBC’s […]

Stocks Drop, Bonds Pop As Crude & Credit Crash Continues / by Tyler Durden / Mar 14, 2017 4:03 PM Overheard in the Oval Office when Yellen unleashes her rate hike into dismal economic growth expectations tomorrow… Since the last fed rate hike, bonds are lower, banks are best… Trannies and Small Caps are in the red since the last Fed rate hike… A down day for […]

Gold Moves Higher Even if the Fed Raises Rates / by James Rickards via The Daily Reckoning / March 2, 2017 When the Fed raised interest rates in December, many believed gold would plunge. But it didn’t happen. Gold bottomed the day after the rate hike, but then started moving higher again. And for the last 10 weeks it’s been up about 12%, despite some up and […]

Gold Stumbles, Dollar Strengthens as Market Prices in March Rate Hike / ADRIAN ASH / 03/01/2017 Gold prices fell near 1-week lows Wednesday in London, dipping beneath $1240 per ounce as US traders joined the session after Donald Trump’s first speech to Congress about his fiscal plans was overshadowed by 5 senior Federal Reserve officials surprising the markets with a seemingly co-ordinated announcement that Dollar interest rates are […]