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It’s A Wonderful Life Is A Wonderful Lesson To Hold Gold Outside of The Banking System

It’s A Wonderful Life Is A Wonderful Lesson To Hold Gold Outside of The Banking System – Christmas film serves as reminder that savings are not guaranteed protection by banks– Savers are today more exposed to banking risks than ever before– Gold and silver investment reduce exposure to counterparty risks seen in financial system– Basket […]

Risk Of Online Accounts Seen As One of Largest Brokerages In World Temporarily Halts Online Trading After “Glitch”

– ‘Technical issue’ at Fidelity blocks access to online accounts, stops online trading– Fidelity is 3rd largest brokerage by client assets: $1.7 trillion at the end of 2016– NatWest, RBS, Ulster Bank  have experienced online banking “issues” in November– Clients left without access to funds & failed payments & little to no recourse– Social media exposing […]

The Secret History Of The Banking Crisis

Authored by Adam Tooze via, Accounts of the financial crisis leave out the story of the secretive deals between banks that kept the show on the road. How long can the system be propped up for? It is a decade since the first tremors of what would become the Great Financial Crisis began to […]

How The FBI Laid A Trap For A Financial Scandal’s Mastermind

How did authorities zero in on Tom Hayes, the disheveled, socially awkward mastermind of the Libor scandal? An excerpt from David Enrich's new must read book ‘The Spider Network’ A Trap for a Trader On a mild, damp March afternoon in 2011, Sarah Tighe and her husband Tom Hayes arrived in the prenatal wing of […]

Importance of Hiding Gold Creatively and Securely If Taking Delivery

Importance of Hiding Gold Creatively and Securely If Taking Delivery Why gold retains value? Interesting unknown gold facts “Prepare your jaws for a sizeable drop!” History, finite, rare and peak gold “It is beautiful to look at…” ‘Heavy metal’ – Thud sound of a gold bar (kilo) ‘Going for gold’ – Olympic gold medals to Chelthenham […]

Frontrunning: February 6

The Patriots’ Insane Comeback: One for the History Books (WSJ) Euro fades in face of French election risks (Reuters) Legal battles to test Trump and his travel ban (Reuters) Standoff Looms Over Travel Ban; Trump Rips Judge (WSJ) Trump Set to Attend NATO Summit in May (WSJ) Trump Administration Aims to Sever Russia’s Iran Ties […]

Gold To 2 Month High As Fiery Trump Declares New American Order

Gold price to 2 month high as fiery Trump declares New American Order – ‘Trumponomics’: Politics and economic policy in 140 characters– The ‘intelligence’ according to Trump– Trump, Putin and Russia – the great bromance– Trump – Bull in a China shop– Trade and currency wars with China and other nations– Trump – Fan of gold and golden tweets– Conclusion – Trump may be […]

Shariah Gold Standard Is “Revolutionary” – Mark Mobius

Shariah Gold Standard Is “Revolutionary” Says Mark Mobius One of the world’s leading investors, Mark Mobius told a gold conference in Dubai that the new ‘Shariah Gold Standard’ is both “innovative and revolutionary” and importantly will bring “transparency” to the physical gold market which suffers from a lack of trust. Source: Bloomberg The executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets […]

Silver Fixing By Banks Proven In Traders Chats

Silver Bullion Manipulation By Banks Proven In Traders Chats Evidence of traders rigging the silver market Court documents detail private chats between bank traders Lawsuit alleges widespread rigging of precious metal market “Avalanche can be triggered by a pebble if u get the timing right” – UBS trader  “If we are correct and do it […]

ECB ‘Bazooka’ Reloaded Until At Least December 2017 – Euro Gold Rises 1%; 13% YTD

ECB ‘Bazooka’ Extended – Will Buy EUR 60 Billion Per Month Until At Least December 2017 The ECB’s ‘Bazooka’ is back and ‘Super Mario’, the European Central Bank’s monetary magician did not disappoint QE addicted markets yesterday by extending ultra loose monetary policies and quantitative easing until at least December 2017. The euro fell and gold rose […]