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Here Are The States With The Highest Property Taxes

ATTOM Data Solutions has scoured county-level property tax records from across the country to figure out exactly who is getting punished the most on their real estate taxes.  To our complete ‘shock’, the resulting map looks eerily similar to the 2016 presidential electoral college map with the liberal bastions of the Northeast and Midwest suffering […]

The American Dream: An Endangered Ethos

Authored by Danielle DiMartino Booth via, Few words are slipperier than ‘ethos’ to grasp. Even the best translation of the word – essence – is hard to get your arms around. Perhaps that is why so many of us were blissfully unaware until recently that the very essence of the American Dream was slipping through […]

Home-Flipping Profits Just Hit An All Time High: These 10 States Offer The Highest Return Potential

That most distinct remnant of the 2006 housing bubble – home flipping – is not only back, it is more profitable than ever. According to a new report by ATTOM Data Solutions and RealtyTrac,193,009 single family homes and condos were flipped — defined as sold in an arms-length transfer for the second time within a […]

ZeroHedge: ‘Cost-Burdened-Renters’ Surge To Historic Highs As Hillbama-nomics Fails For Low-Income Faithful

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. As we have discussed many times in the past, for the Average American, owning a home is increasingly unaffordable. This has led to a dramatic surge in rents, and ultimately to a significant squeeze on the cash flow of renters […]

ZeroHedge: Residents Flee, Home Sales Collapse 44% Following Biggest Gas Leak In History

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. The "Fukushima class disaster" that emerged from Aliso Canyon's worst ever gas leak has left behind more than just medical and human issues. According to RealtyTrac, in the three months following the discovery of the gas leak in late October […]

ZeroHedge: For The Average American, Owning A Home Is Increasingly Unaffordable

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. One month ago, in its traditionally cheerful assessment of the US housing market, the NAR’s Larry Yun snuck in an unexpected warning: “Home prices ascending near or above double-digit appreciation aren’t healthy – especially considering the fact that household income […]

ZeroHedge: Presenting America’s Own “Ghost Cities”

Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. We’ve written quite a bit about the decline of America’s once proud manufacturing industry which is now but a shadow of its former self and long ago ceded its place in the public’s heart and mind to the service industry, […]

The Poisonous Cocktail Of Main Street Woes And Federal Reserve Liftoff

Submitted by Tony Sagami via, Wall Street was impressed with the October jobs report that showed the creation of 271,000 new jobs and a decrease in the unemployment rate to 5.0%. It is widely believed that those strong jobs numbers paved the way for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates in December. In […]

Housing Bubble 2.0: Flipping A Home In These 20 Cities Results In A 102% Average Return

When it comes to the US housing market, there are two clusters: an undisputed bubble among the luxury, bi-coastal or “flippable” markets, which serve a tiny portion of the population but a major portion of foreigners seeking to park illegal money in U.S. real estate, and a rapidly sinking market serving everyone else. For the […]

80% Of All New Home Buyers In Irvine Are Chinese

When RealtyTrac released its latest home sales report, “which shows single family home and condo sales through August were on pace for an eight-year high nationwide and in 110 out of 204” it was something else that caught our eye. According to RealtyTrac president Daren Blomquist, “the continued strength in sales volume across a wide […]