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WAR ALERT: Russia Sends Warships Carrying Tanks To Syria And Threatens ‘Chaos’

Russia sent two warships carrying tanks and other military supplies to Syria in the wake of the United States-led attack on Damascus for an alleged chemical attack. It looks like the West’s attack accomplished one thing: a stronger Syria/Russia alliance. The boats were spotted on The Bosphorus (the straight of Istanbul) on Sunday. This delivery […]

Trump On Syria Attack: ‘Could Be Very Soon Or Not So Soon At All’

President Donald Trump seemed so sure of himself yesterday when tweeting that Russia should “get ready” for a strike against Syria. He appears to now be backpedaling some, and it’s a small sign that just maybe we won’t go to war over what’s shaping up to be a false flag attack. He did post a […]

France Gears Up For War?: ‘France Will STRIKE’ Syria If Chemical Weapons Were Used

French president Emmanuel Macron has promised to “strike” Syria, but only if evidence emerges that chemical weapons were used against civilians.  And he has admitted that French intelligence agencies have not yet discovered any evidence. “On chemical weapons, I set a red line and I reaffirm that red line,” Macron told reporters in Paris on Tuesday, […]

Propaganda War Exposed In Aleppo: “About To Die, Saying Goodbye… But Available for Interview”

At some point, we have to question what’s going on. Each new event brings questions about what is real, and what is perception. When did the “media” bring an eye to action of war in Syria, etc. and the attacks of terrorism in Ankara, in Berlin, etc., and when did the “media” create stories and […]

Bernie Campaign Under Attack After Accusing Hillary of “Encouraging Islamic Extremism”

Perhaps now we know what was behind the timing of the most recent scandal for Bernie Sanders – concerning improper access to a Democratic database by members of staff. Ahead of the Democratic debates coming up this Saturday, it seems that Sen. Sanders is now planning to take Hillary to the woodshed over all the […]

Prepping for “Hybrid War” with Russia: NATO Holds Biggest Military Exercise in 13 Years

This article was originally published at The Daily Sheeple by the Daily Sheeple The biggest military exercise NATO has held in 13 years, “Trident Juncture” will end tomorrow. claims that, even though 36,000 soldiers from various NATO countries including the U.S. have participated in the exercise to defend against “Russia’s military ambitions,” (or what […]

Begging WWIII? Western Pilots Get “Green Light To Take Drastic Action Against Russian Jets”

This article was written by Tyler Durden an originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Note: It is one thing for the West to sharpen their rhetoric in attempt to make Putin look bad in retaliation for his attacks on ISIS, which have left American and NATO forces looking inept and insincere in their duplicitious and […]

US Complains As Putin Bombs its Terrorists: “ISIS Is An Intentional Creation of U.S.”

This article was written by Tony Cartalucci and originally published at New Eastern Outlook. Editor’s Comment: What is happening with Putin right now is dramatic – after fourteen years of spreading fear about al Qaeda, and more recently ISIS, the United States has done little to slow or stop the groups. To the contrary, it […]

U.S. Spins Russian Airstrike Targets in Syria: “Big Risk of Further Misunderstandings”

This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge. Editor’s Comment: The United States isn’t quite prepared to deal with the inconvenient truth of who it is funding in Syria. Yet Putin is prepared to call a spade a spade. It no secret that Putin is trying to use the West’s […]

Putin Deploys 28 Combat Planes in Syria, Taunting West to “Join Forces Against ISIS”

Who are the real enemies in the Middle East? Is is ISIS – ransacking, raping and beheading its way across the region to carve out a new Caliphate and threatening terrorism inside U.S. borders – or is it Putin and his gang, cornering American statesmen in a deadly game of chess that could lead at […]