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Veritaseum Blockchain-based Bank Research Hits Another Home Run – Banco Popular Shown to be Bear Stearns Redux!

During the months of March and April of 2016 we released a series of proprietary research reports indicating signficant weakneses that we found in the European banking system and released it for sale through the blockchain (reference The First Bank Likely to Fall in the Great European Banking Crisis). This was performed by the same macro […]

Witness the 95% Gross Profit on Recommended Oil Trade While Experts Await Higher Prices: I See A New Energy Paradigm

“Low oil price is a function of excessive supply+true demand realization” – Reggie Middleton There should be no surprise that Saudi refused to negotiate on a oil production freeze. They, like all of the other nations who depend on oil production, are in one hell of a pickle. The drop in price is now below everybody’s […]

ZIRP, NIRP, QE, Bank Collapse and Helicopters Coming Too Late – The Lehman Effect Hits Europe – Hard!

It’s official, I’m calling a banking crisis in Europe. Things didn’t go well the last time I did this. Of course, many will say, “But the rating agencies have learned their collective lessons. They would most assuredely warn us if the European banks are close to going bust, right?!!!”. Yeah, right! Reference our past research […]

A Forensic View of a Wall Street Bank Balance Sheet Shows How Much Risk Rests In Its “Assets”

I’m here to dissect the balance sheet of Morgan Stanley and demonstrate the solutions that I’ve invented to proof against what I see is an upcoming, nigh guaranteed collapse. Before we get to that, we need to come to terms with counterparty risk and exactly what it entails. Also realize that Morgan Stanley is not […]

Reggie Middleton’s Prognosticated Market Crash and False Positives in Interest Rate Raise Promises

Do you remember this from the beginning of the year on the Max Keiser show in London? S&P 500 drops below trading range as global selloff intensifies Chicago Tribune – Aug 20, 2015 Bulls Against Wall as Seven-Month S&P 500 Trading Range Caves Bloomberg – Aug 20, 2015 S&P 500 Worst Day in 18 Months May Act […]

The Question Is Not Is Deutsche Bank the Next Lehman, It’s “Is Lehman the Face of Banking in the Future

So,Tyler just ran an interesting piece titled “Is Deutsche Bank The Next Lehman?” There is one correction that needs to be made where Tyler says “Probably the first public indication that things were heading downhill for Lehman wasn’t until June 9th, 2008,  when Fitch Ratings cut Lehman’s rating to AA-minus, outlook negative“. Well, I gave ample warning about […]

Translating Goldman Sachs 2015 Recommendations, pt 2

TL;DR This is a continuation of the post made on November 28th where we converted Goldman Sachs ECB QE 2015 trade recommendations into UltraCoin trade setups: Receive exposure to the SPDR Eurostoxx 50 long ETF (speculating that the top 50 EZ equities will rise from currency wars & QE) and pay exposure to the ProShares Ultra Euro ETF […]

All Out War Pt 3: Contrary to Central Bank Rhetoric, the Danish Krone Peg’s as Fragile As Glass, May Throw Banks Into Turmoil!

The Guardian reports: Danish central bank ‘will maintain krone’s euro exchange rate’: Denmark has no plans to change its fixed exchange rate policy and the central bank has the tools to react “at any given moment” to keep the krone stable against the euro, a central bank spokesman said on Tuesday. The comments came a day after the […]

Why Allowing Big Brand Name Banks To Manage Your Money Is Detrimental To Your Wealth

We are soon to leave the period of momentum chasing, leveraged beta performance (basically, lever up and chase the Fed) and about to return to the era where fundamental analysis and global macro awareness actually generate alpha. You see, ever since late 2009, it didn’t take brains to generate returns, you just had to be […]

Using A Bitcoin Wallet To Take Inexpensive Positions On Goldman Sachs 2015 Recommended Global Macro Trades

Those who follow me know that I don’t agree with many of Goldman Sachs recommendations, primarily because I know that Goldman considers their clients to be “muppets” and use said muppets as profit springboards for trade setups. Of course, I can be wrong, but remember that we have ex-Goldman partners who support this thesis with […]