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What Could Go Wrong? EPA Approves Bacteria-Infected Lab-Grown Mosquitoes

Lab-grown mosquitoes armed with bacterium Wolbachia pipientis have just been approved by the EPA. The agency is saying that these mosquitoes could be the key to killing off insects that often transmit dangerous viruses such as Zika. Nothing can go wrong, right? The government would never do that to us. Famous last words, but nonetheless, the […]

Miami Neighborhood “Turns Into Ghost Town” As Authorities Spray For Zika

This article was written by Joseph Jankowski and originally published at Planet Free Will. Editor’s Comment: It is like something out of a Stephen King novel, and the details behind the apparent Zika conspiracy are intricate enough to fill the pages of the plot. The Naled insecticide being sprayed may be worse than the Zika […]

Video Release Likely to Trigger Rioting, Chaos in Chicago: “It Is Graphic, Violent, Chilling”

This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his End of the American Dream blog. Editor’s Comment: Though the shooting that has sparked the latest outrage in Chicago was horrific, we are witnessing another round of pre-planned and scripted provocation and escalation of conflict. Obama is once again proving himself to be […]

Oil price fears weighing on sentiment

GoldMoney 2012-MAR-29 Another day, and more oil price concerns. Iranian oil shipments are dropping in the face of western sanctions, with President Obama expected to confirm on Friday that sanctions aimed at cutting off Iran’s central bank from the oil market will take effect from late June. The US, UK and France are said to […]