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False Flag? UN Report: North Korea Sent Syria Chemical Weapons

A leaked United Nations report is claiming that the rogue regime of North Korea sent chemical weapons to Syria. According to the report, 40 items used in chemical warfare and ballistic missiles in the war-torn nation of Syria were sent by North Korea. It is important to recognize first, that this report was leaked. So […]

Global Catastrophe Imminent: “Asteroids, Robots and Engineered Viruses Will Kill Millions”

There is yet more confirmation that near-certain doom is headed for planet earth, and could kill or disrupt the lives of everyone on the planet. And there’s reason to think it could be in our lifetimes. A study commissioned by Oxford University identified possibly-imminent catastrophe from asteroids, AI, volcanoes, nukes/EMP or manufactured/weaponized disease sweeping the […]

Bitcoin Report Volume 53 (Bitcoin Boycott)

BitcoinChannel, Published on Jun 25, 2013

The Korelin Economics Report: Weekend Show – Sat 11 May, 2013

In depth this week with both politics and economics Hour 1 –  Hour 2 – Hour 1 : We discuss investing with our usual emphasis on precious metals. Segments 1 and 2: We open the show with Ed D’Agostino, GM of the Hard Assets Alliance and Publisher of Mauldin Economics and Joe Yasinski Vice President of Distribution […]

Iran strike a done deal? Israel prepares citizens for war

Despite Washington clearly not favoring military confrontation with Iran – Israel isn’t ruling it out. Major drills simulating missile strikes in case of a war with the Islamic State have been held in Tel Aviv. And these emergency exercises are not the only way Israelis are being prepared for an attack, as RT’s Middle East […]

‘Kid or adult – IDF makes no difference in Palestine’

Israel has blocked around a hundred international pro-Palestinian activists from crossing into the West Bank from Jordan. They were trying to bring school supplies to children in Bethlehem’s refugee camps. But the incident is not the only one involving Palestinian children. RT talks to Avihai Stollar, a former soldier in the Israeli army and now […]

Exposed: IDF abuses kids, uses children as human shield

Around 100 pro-Palestinian activists have been stopped by Israeli authorities on their way to the West Bank from Jordan. The group aimed to deliver aid to schoolchildren in Bethlehem refugee camps but were reportedly turned away without any explanation. This latest incident follows another scandal involving Palestinian children… RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! […]

David Morgan INTERVIEW–SILVER: Are you in? Sprott & the Chinese are!‬ In this interview, David Morgan offers his opinion on the very recent purchase of $200 million dollars of physical silver by Sprott as well as China’s large procurement of the shiny industrial and precious metal. What does this mean? What is the future of Chinese silver futures? In the middle of the summer doldrums, […]

Canadians wealthier than Americans: Why?

Well, if you have a younger sibling, it can feel awkward when they suddenly start outperforming you. That’s exactly what’s happening now with the US, as Canada has overtaken it in terms of wealth and personal prosperity. Lori Harfenist, in her latest edition of ‘The Resident’ took to the streets in New York to ask […]

In Life and War: Damascus of tanks and doves

Read on A strong blast has occurred in the Syrian capital Damascus, says RT’s correspondent on the ground. Internet access has been cut off. According to security sources, the Syrian army has begun a counter attack to regain control of the capital. RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook […]