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Woman Fired After Photo Of Her Flipping Off Trump Motorcade Goes Viral / by Tyler Durden / Nov 6, 2017  Remember that old saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you?” Well, in case you’ve somehow forgotten, here’s a timely reminder. Juli Briskman, a 50-year-old Virginia woman who was captured in a viral photograph flipping off the president’s motorcade as it left the Trump National Golf Club in […]

Is The Eclipse Nothing More Than A Money-Making Scheme For The Elites?

There are many conspiracies surrounding the total solar eclipse that will occur on Monday, August 21.  Everyone, including scientists, talk like this is a sure thing, but is it? Some conspiracy theorists are asking us all to follow the money. And they make a few good points.  On August 21, the moon will pass between […]

Which Companies Have The Highest Revenue Per Employee? / by Ilya Levtov via / May 30, 2017 For many companies, the biggest cost is talent. This is especially true of Silicon Valley, where companies sell clicks and digital goods that do not have any material cost. So which companies’ workforces are able to generate the most revenue? We decided to analyze every company […]

Danger: Federal Tax Revenue Growth Falls to 80-Month Low / Ryan McMaken / April 14, 2017 A new report from the US Treasury Department shows that growth in federal receipts has fallen to the lowest level seen in 80 months, with the 12-month average falling 1.3 percent from March 2016 to March 2017. The last time federal receipts fell as far was during July of 2010 […]

Marxist Socialism now relabeled as the Sharing Economy / by Martin Armstrong / Mar 23, 2017 In Canada, I was in a discussion with a socialist politician. I was shocked at the response to their view of the economy that everything you earned belonged to the state and they decided how much you were allowed to keep. This same attitude is displayed by the […]

PEMEX: Mexico’s State Oil Company On The Verge Of Bankruptcy & Collapse / Steve St. Angelo / MARCH 21, 2017  Mexico’s state oil company, Pemex, is a perfect example of the ongoing collapse in the global oil industry.  Falling oil prices and declining production are putting severe pressure on the company’s financial balance sheet.  It has been four long years since Pemex posted a small profit.  However, since […]

Suggesting New York Times Isn’t Dying, In Spite of Digital Subscription Growth, is Fake News

I’ve read a lot of drivel the past few weeks about the $NYT and how their burgeoning online digital ad business was booming — mostly by disaffected leftards who have somehow tethered themselves to the old gray lady in an effort to defy Trump. Why? You’re fucking stupid. The business has been cut in half […]

Purging the Robed Overlords & Tax Farmers / By Chris Campbell / Dec 31, 2016 In the quest for a new way of living, one is often faced with the harrowing task of casting out everything that is not needed in order to open up space for the new and transcendent. It is the Purge of which we are all, at some point […]

Apple Slides After Missing Revenue, China, ASPs Despite Better iPhone Sales, Guidance / by Tyler Durden / Oct 25, 2016 5:46 PM After a torrid rally in Apple stock in the past three months that took its stock from under $100 some 20% higher, traders wondered how much more upside was left in the stocks, and if the surge could continue. And so, moments ago, Tim Cook tried hard […]

JPM Profit Slides 8% But Beats Estimates On 48% Surge In Fixed Income Revenue / by Tyler Durden / Oct 14, 2016 JPM’s Q1 trading woes seemed like a distant memory when the largest US bank by assets released its Q3 results some 8 minutes early, and reported a solid beat on both the top and bottom line, with $25.5 billion in non-GAAP revenue ($24.7 billion on an actual basis), […]