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SHTFplan: When The US’s Stock Market Bubble Bursts, Inevitable Disaster Will Follow

Prepare yourself. Buy physical silver and storable food. Complete and utter disaster will be inevitable and unavoidable when the United States’ stock market bubble bursts. Unfortunately, too many think the high stock market is evidence of a stable economy, but it’s actually an artificial bubble that will end in a disastrous crisis. This unusual market strength is […]

The SHTF: Costco Starts Selling A Variety Of Doomsday Prepper Kits

Costco wants to be your one-stop shop for prepping supplies. You know it’s about to get serious when even Costco is offering doomsday prepping kits for survival during an apocalyptic scenario. With the threat of nuclear war, an imminent economic collapse, tyrannical government, and other apocalyptic predictions, Costco stores are now offering a variety of doomsday […]

SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS, THEORY AND RESULTS / Paul Craig Roberts / July 17, 2017  Supply-Side economics burst onto the economic policy scene in Washington, D.C., on September 21, 1975 in the Sunday Washington Star in an article I had written for US Representative Jack Kemp that provided a supply-side economic basis for his capital formation bill. Subsequently, I generalized the supply-side approach […]

Visa Begins Bribing Merchants To Stop Taking Cash / by Yves Smith via Naked Capitalism blog / Jul 13, 2017 The war on cash is escalating. A big driver isn’t central banks who want to be able to inflict negative interest rates on savers, or Treasuries who see cash transactions as hiding revenues from their tax collectors, but the payment networks that want to kill cash […]

Trump’s Tax Plan and Gold / ARKADIUSZ SIEROŃ / APRIL 28, 2017 On Wednesday, the White House unveiled Trump’s tax reform plan. What does it mean for the gold market? Finally, the new administration has presented the long-awaited tax plan. The key elements are as follows: The corporate tax rate cut from 35 percent to 15 percent. The number of personal […]

The Trump Is A Fraud On Taxes / by Karl Denninger / 2017-04-26 You cannot deficit spend your way to prosperity, nor can you print growth. You can print money.  Deficit spending is printing money. You cannot print value. The premise that you will get 3% growth if you deficit spend is the same premise that Obama ran after 2008.  He and his advisers believed that if the government spent trillions […]

This Vicious Cycle is What Bedevils the US Economy / by Wolf Richter / Apr 20, 2017 Railroads slash capital spending, and CSX digs deeper, after two years of Freight Recession. CSX reported quarterly earnings on Wednesday. Revenues increased 9.5% from the terrible quarter a year ago, which had been the worst quarter in terms of revenues since Q1 2010! So it’s no big feat to […]

CBO Budget Forecast For 2017 And Beyond: Stormy! (Exponential Debt Growth Thanks To Entitlement Spending) / by Anthony Sanders via Confounded Interest / March 30, 2017 The Congressional Budget Office has released their economic forecast: stormy. Spending by the government is growing rapidly despite more slowly growing revenues. READ MORE The post CBO Budget Forecast For 2017 And Beyond: Stormy! (Exponential Debt Growth Thanks To Entitlement Spending) appeared first on Silver For The […]

U.S. Dollar Store empire: Making $20 billion a year one dollar at a time on broke Americans. 8,000+ dollar stores blanket the U.S. / by mybudget360 / February 6, 2017 Most people have been to a Starbucks and readily admit it, even if they never go back.  Many people have been to dollar stores but rarely admit this.  Dollar stores are doing exceptionally well with over 8,000 stores in the United States with revenues well above $20 billion […]

Deutsche Bank Reports Unexpected Q3 Profit, But Wall Street Yawns Asking For More / by Tyler Durden / Oct 27, 2016 After serving much drama to its shareholders – and global markets – over the past couple of months, when its stock tumbled to all time lows following the news of the bank’s $14 billion DOJ settlement ask, Deutsche Bank provided some relief when earlier this morning it reported […]