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Official Washington’s “Info-Wars”

Authored by William Blum, originally posted at, On November 16, at a State Department press briefing, department spokesperson John Kirby was having one of his frequent adversarial dialogues with Gayane Chichakyan, a reporter for RT (Russia Today); this time concerning U.S. charges of Russia bombing hospitals in Syria and blocking the U.N. from delivering […]

Perfume store inferno: Fire rages near RT office

Perfume store in central Moscow caught fire early on Friday morning. While fire brigades fought the blaze, clouds of black smoke spread across central Moscow and filled every corner of the RT office. The fire broke out in the south-western part of central Moscow near the Park Kultury Metro station, spreading across an area of […]

Karzai Exclusive: ‘No Blackwater mercs in Afghanistan in 10 years’

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has spoken exclusively to Russian media outlets – RT, Rossiya-24 and RIA-Novosti.

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