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Paradise Papers: Massive New Leak Exposes Tax-Haven Secrets, Links Wilbur Ross To Russia

One year after the Panama Papers revealed billions in assets are held in offshore "tax haven" accounts by some of the world's most powerful and wealthy individuals, on Sunday a huge new leak of financial documents disclosed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) – a global network that won the Pulitzer Prize this […]

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Quits After Two Days As Democrats Scramble To Distance Themselves

Harvey Weinstein’s attorney Lisa Bloom cut ties suddenly with her “radioactive” movie mogul client in a terse Saturday tweet. “I have resigned as an advisor to Harvey Weinstein,” wrote Bloom – ironically a women’s rights advocate – who was brought in after the Miramax Films co-founder was accused by the NYT of spending decades sexually […]

Blumenthal Responds To Trump: “Your Bullying Won’t Work. No One Is Above The Law”

Just an hour after being attacked by President Trump in an early morning tweet storm, Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut has now responded with a few snarky jabs of his own.  “Mr. President: Your bullying hasn’t worked before and it won’t work now. No one is above the law.”   “This issue isn’t about me […]

Kelly Loses Control As “Vacationing” Trump Unleashes Angriest Tweetstorm Yet

Just days after the Wall Street Journal and others reported that Trump’s new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, had taken steps to “control” the flow of information on the President’s twitter feed, America will wake up this morning to one of his longest tweet storms yet.  Not surprisingly, this latest rant started off by […]

Trump Attacks Flip-Flopping “Military Fraud” Democrat: “He Should Be The One Who Is Investigated” / by Tyler Durden / May 10, 2017 8:57 AM In a quite shocking rebuttal to the utter hypocrisy of Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal that was just exposed  – explaining how terrible Trump’s decision was, how great Comey was, after writing an op-ed in February slamming Comey… Here is Blumenthal in November: While stepping back from demanding […]

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Gorsuch “Disheartened, Demoralized” By President’s Comments

On the heels of several public comments and tweets from President Trump with regard the bias and politicization of the judiciary in America, U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch told Democratic senator Richard Blumenthal that he found the President's comments "disheartening" and "demoralizing."  On February 4th, President trump criticized a federal judge who blocked his travel ban […]

Gen. Mattis: “Russia Is The Principal Threat To US Security”

The cold war is officially back. The Senate Armed Services Committee is currently hearing the testimony of retired Marine General James Mattis, picked by Donald Trump to take over the Department of Defense. Mattis retired from the US Marine Corps in 2013 after serving as the 11th commander of US Central Command, replacing General David […]

Trump Picks Pro Wrestling Mogul Linda McMahon To Run Small Business Administration

While some of Trump’s previous administration picks have raised an eyebrow or two in the past two weeks, his choice of Linda McMahon, pro wrestling mogul and wife of WWE legend Vince McMahon, to head the Small Business Administration will likely be his most scrutizined yet. McMahon had previously been floated as a potential appointee […]

Angry Dems File DOJ Complaint Against “On The Side Of Putin” Comey For “Interfering In Presidential Election”

Democrats are angry. Mainstream media are angry. Clinton campaign members are angry. And all because the director of The FBI dared to enforce the law as he saw fit, with awkward timing for the future warmonger-in-chief's followers. Clinton campaign head John Podesta lashed out that the FBI chief's letter was "long on innuendo and short […]

Dell Fires 3000 US Employees, Requests 5000 Visas For Foreign Workers

Submitted by Wolf Richter via, Trying to find efficiencies and synergies to save $1.7 billion. The ink was barely dry on Dell’s acquisition of EMC, the largest technology deal ever, valued at $67 billion when it was announced in October last year – and already the layoff rumors are oozing from the woodwork. “People […]