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August ISM Data Suggests U.S. GDP Growth Might Hit 4%

Content originally published at     Remember when critics lambasted Trump for daring to forecast 3%+ GDP growth? Yeah, those people just got eternally beatdown. Second quarter GDP was revised up to 3%. The only thing the left could do is peddle out Warren Buffett, a person who has never said a bad thing […]

The “Dusenberry Effect” In The U.S. Economy

Via Global Macro Monitor, Just saw this chart on Zero Hedge yesterday, which takes me back to the days of graduate school and an unfinished Ph.D. dissertation. One part of the “Dusenberry Effect” basically states that consumers do not give up their consumption patterns very easy even if their incomes decline. They, in effect, “ratchet” […]

A Furious Rick Santelli Rages At Janet’s Jawboning: “Please, Don’t Help Anymore”

CNBC’s Rick Santelli turned it up to ’11’ today as The Fed’s Janet Yellen joined the world’s central planners in suggesting intervention directly in the stock markets would ‘help’ the average joe. Santelli exclaims “don’t help anymore!!” How has any of their ‘help’ helped in the last 7 years?   “Central banks buying in the […]

The Day Data-Dependence Died: US Macro Has Longest-Winning Streak In History

Something 'odd' is going on. Amid the plethora of 11-foot-tall-men multiple-standard deviation beats in recent economic data, the Citi Macro Surprise Index did something it has never done before – it rose for 21 days straight – breaking the last 5 years trends of seasonal dumps (into mid-year) and pumps (into fiscal year-end)… Consider that […]

“It Explains Why Policy Is Just So Horrible” – Santelli Rages Against Central Banks After May Jobs Disaster

The incredible miss in May's jobs data (only adding 38,000 jobs, the lowest since September 2010) caused Rick Santelli to explode into another one of his epic rants – slamming the fact that the headline unemployment number will be touted and the central banks have created such a mess. "Ten more months of thirty something […]

April Cheers Bring May Tears – Something To Keep You Up At Night

Submitted by Thad Beversdorf via, When people stop trusting a market they stop using that market.  Trust is at near 20 year lows.  The conundrum is that as volumes decline it becomes ever easier for price insensitive participants to manipulate the market only furthering the distrust.  This first three charts depict the deterioration of volumes and capital outflows […]

Here Is What Janet Yellen Answered When Asked If The U.S. Is In An “Economic Bubble”

Three weeks ago, when the Fed and Janet Yellen shocked markets with their extremely dovish statement in which they admitted the US Federal Reserve no longer is US data dependent, and instead is far more focused on global developments and especially China’s dollar-pegged currency (which makes it impossible for the Fed to be hawkish without […]

Here Is What Janet Yellen Answered When Steve Liesman Asked If The Fed “Has A Credibility Problem”

The most amusing moment of today’s Janet Yellen press conference occured when none other than Steve Liesman asked Yellen a question, one which he may regret as it is dangerously close to “Pedro da Costa” territory, which goes to the heart of the matter: “does the Fed have a credibility problem?” The question goes to […]

“It’s All The Fed’s Fault” Santelli Rages, They “Will Certainly Turn Us Into Japan”

Who is to blame for all this volatility? CNBC's Rick Santelli scoffs at the growing mainstream media's recognition that The Fed is to blame for daring to raise rates – "a group of unelected officials ruining the party and taking away the punch-bowl." Santelli's problem is that "every time the picture of the world was […]

Santelli Thanks Plunge Protection Team As Bond Bloodbath Sparks Buying Frenzy In Stocks & Commodities

No volume, no problem…Buy stocks with both hands and feet…   Leaving Rick Santelli almost speechless: "I don't know how they do it? Plunge Protection Team? Abenomics? Japanese buying futures? No matter what The Dow will not be allowed to end the year in the red…"   Stocks melted up to their post-FOMC highs… Small […]