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The B.U.S. Takes America for a Ride – Adventures in Central Banking

Here is yet another chapter that was cut from my book.  Since this was one of the early chapters it would have been written in 2005 or 2006, but now I have extended it with some updated commentary at the end.  Since my book was going to be published by the largest publisher in the […]

Detroit’s Magical Revenue Math Common to Indebted U.S. Cities

It’s a threat nearly everywhere in the world­­: that unsustainable public pension debt, promised to government employees in response to perceived flush times or under duress from unions, will bankrupt states and municipalities, forcing taxpayers or investors to foot the bill. Sovereign pension obligation is a major factor threatening the viability of the euro. And […]

Maximum Wage Law Targets Subtraction of 2% Annually – Groceries Again On Rise

Prices are going up more briskly now, and we at WealthCycles have always maintained that it would be the growing gap between and expenses and incomes, or real income, resulting from central bank targeted annual price inflation (core commonly set to 2%), that’d finally trigger the loss of public faith in in fiat and monetary […]

Debt Deck Stacked Against Emerging Market Nations

In What Happens in a Market Downturn? we considered the potential performance of the asset class; however, here we want to explore the idea of just who is frontier or emerging, and how these regions’ people really compare to those in supposed developed economies. The terms alone connote much: developed becomes legacy as developments are […]

Runaway EU Protectionism Targets U.S. Cheese

Would cheeses under other names taste the same? Cheese names such as feta and parmesan are considered generic in the United States. The European Union, however, strictly regulates use of these names as protected appellations of origin. This hinders the free market and increases prices for consumers. Worse, the regulators in Brussels are fighting to […]

Promise Zones Rehash Misdirection of Enterprise Zones

Following up on promises made in his State of the Union address of January 2014, President Barack Obama earlier this month rolled out his signature new program to uplift struggling communities, with the announcement of his first five Promise Zones. But is this “new” program anything more than a repackaging of ideas and initiatives hatched […]

None Of Us Are Keynesians Now

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) said in its annual report that some $33 trillion, or 20% of total GDP for the world’s large advanced and emerging market economies, was spent by governments from 2007 to 2012. This so-called stimulus—the Keynesian prescription for a slow economy—was enabled by a commensurate increase in debt, all in […]

Online Privacy Sacrificed in Name of Security

For every technological advance that man makes, there occurs a concurrent, or sometimes subsequent, shift in how humans interact with their world. This was true when fire was discovered, when the automobile was invented and, most recently, when the Internet became ubiquitous in most households. For some, the Internet is the path to freedom, understanding […]

Lincoln’s Justification for Civil War Was to Hang Onto To Tax Revenues from Wayward States

Former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, long revered for his purported role in ending American slavery, is enjoying a resurgence as a popular culture icon as never before: in addition to several recent works examining his life and death, the 2012 Steven Spielberg film “Lincoln” racked up several awards, including a Best Actor Oscar for Daniel […]

Global Trends 2030 Predicts Power Shift from U.S. to Asia

Fund manager Jim Rogers has long predicted the rise of Asia to global prominence, due to the position of debtors and creditors globally. The most recent version of the U.S. National Intelligence Council (NIC) Global Trends report, released in December, concurs with regard to China’s growing power. In fact those economists with a clear view […]