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Hot Tent Survival Camping: How to “Stay Warm In the Harshest Winter Climate”

Video still: Wilderness Rocks, YouTube How can you stay warm even in the coldest of climates if you are compelled to trek through the great wilderness around us? There’s no way to know the exact conditions you may have to endure, or the situation that will lead way to the SHTF we have all been […]

Extreme Winter Survival Vehicle Preps: “Stay Warm and You Will Be Found”

Bad weather, slippery roads, snow and ice, car wrecks, even avalanches. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine a scenario where you really could be stranded in your vehicle, and cut off from the rest of the world, with freezing weather and extreme conditions to contend with – especially in the Northern states. While this situation […]

Are You “Ready to Be Stranded” On the Road?

This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at TheOrganicPrepper. Editor’s Comment: The possibility of being simply stranded on typically doesn’t receive the same focus as other prepping strategies, but it seems very realistic. The best laid plans of mice and men left at home, while you are caught by circumstance and natural […]

RussiaToday: Lucky miss: Man dodges death at gas station pile-up

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